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Quotes by typicalteengirl

There's something about the way you say my name that drives this ol country girl insane. So baby, don't stop loving me like this, 'cause I ain't ready to quit. Don't start thinking I'm gonna stop giving it all I got. If you think you seen love, you ain't seen nothing yet. How could I get tired of waking up by your side? And the taste of your sweet kiss tells me I ain't ready to quit. ♥
He ain't too pretty, he ain't too sweet. A little rough around the edges, cute and country just like me. One of those t-shirt, blue jean wearin, mamma lovin, fishin pole carryin. Swears a John Deere revvin up is music instead of noise. Dirt road, 4-wheel drivin. Riverside Saturday night and Sunday mornin' church goin kind of boys.
I'm in one of those moods where nothing is really wrong in my life, but my brain keeps on insisting that there is. Or maybe it's my heart that's doing the insisting. I can't really tell. You know that feeling.
God shook his head the day he built her, oh but I bet he smiled
honestly its a turnoff when people ask for favs on witty it makes me want to scroll down even faster... just saying.
New picture check it out (:
Everything I can't be is everything you should be. And that's why I need you here. So hear this now, come home, come home. 'Cause I've been waiting for you for so long, for so long. And right now there's a war between the vanities, but all I see is you and me. And the fight for you is all I've ever known.. So come home. ♥ 
I'm sure my steering wheel and dashboard would love a good break. But they feel it, too, every time I see you. Why I gotta see you? You're like a wreck out on the highway. I can't look away and I can't pass through. You're like an early Monday morning. Bringing me down, messing with my mood. I'd love to say I can hold myself together, but I can't help but come unglued every time I see you. 
todays my 15th birthday finally! the best part about it i get to spend it with my boyfriend <3 hope you witty girls havea wonderful day!
hey guys, typicalteengirl here and i just wanted to say i havn't been on witty that long but ive been on witty long enough to be inspired. everyone on here inspires me... you guys are changing me and most likely everyone. your quotes give me hope, they all have a reason<3 when ever i just want to scream i come to witty its kinda like my silent screaming zone hah. i don't really make up alot of quotes but i don't need to because people like you already have. you guys are saving girls life from depression, sucidal thoughts, eating disorders, breakups..etc. i absoluetely love it. i feel like witty is the only "safe" place to express what uou feel without being judged or made fun of, and people will listen and try to help. im so glad i found a website like witty.. i don't need a pretty quote or a top quote to make me smile every quote makes me smile i wish i could favorite all of them. if you girls ever need anything im always here just like im sure you guys are for others. i want to be something, a listener. i'll try to help. i want to be like some of the girls on here, caring, loyal, nice, loving, etc. anyway wittians keep doing what uour doing trust me... your making an impact on someones life even if you don't know it! love you!<3
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