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Be strong minded and think the impossible is possible
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Hey I'm (clearly) Vanessa.
I have been on witty for around a year,but never made a profile until now.
I love witty! I love to see what people have to say.
I change my profile pretty often and I gotta say I enjoy doing that. :)

Now this is where I make a list of things that I like:
Basketball, Lakers, Yellow (obviously), Selena Quintanilla-Perez, Weheartit,Jordans, smiley faces, smiling, my iPad, converse, and a bunch of other things that I'm too lazy to type.
I have very,very curly, brown hair, am 5'4''?, and a bright smile.
I love life, a people person, friendly, and not afraid to speak what's on my mind.
I am a freshmen barely starting high school.
I consider myself smart, not a fast thinker.
But enough about me....comment on my profile and talk about yourself.
I love meeting new people!! :D
Visit Stefunny here on witty. She is my cousin. :)

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P.S. Most of my quotes are made by me and they are things that just pop up into my brain, so please no hate and enjoy my quotes!! :D

P.P.S If I ever take any of your quotes or layouts and I don't give credit, please tell me. I love giving credit to the people who deserve it!!

P.P.S.S I love reading your stories so feel free to ask me if I want to read your stories. I always say yes!

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What if people used to be zombies,
and then there was a human apocolypse?
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People are like Oreos.
The good stuff is on the inside.
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Hey where is that from!!
My friend:Your mom's chest hair!
Me:Ahaha that's funny :D

Dude!!Where did you get that??!!
My friend:Your mom's chest hair!
Me: Ahah pretty funny

Hey what did you get for number 3?
My friend:Your mom's chest hair.
Me: Ok that's not really that funny anymore

Hey how's it going?
My friend:Your mom's chest hair.
Me:What the...that doesn't even make sense!

Ok today I'm not talking to you.
My friend:Ok but wait I have to tell you something.
Me: What?
My friend:Your mom's chest hair.

Next Monday
Hey guys.
My friend:Hey chest hair.
Me:What the...
My crush: Hey Vanessa, you're wearing brown, just like your mom's chest hair.
My other friend: Eww chest hair.....what are you doing here.??

*teacher taking roll*
My friend:YAH CHEST HAIR!!!!!

True story^^
This has been going on for around a week......even my crush got into lie.
Just tshow how awkward
I really am...

Today in science we were doing an experiment which involved getting our hands really, really dirty.
Me: Does someone have a clean hand I can use to scratch around my eye?

Luckily someone volenteered and my eye got scatched...oh yeah
Hey everyone :)

I'd just like everyone to take a minute to read this. I know this isn't pretty like all my other quotes,but I need to let this out.

Anybody ever heard of the Mexican-American cumbia singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez. No I'm not talking about Selena Gomez. I'm talking about the woman Selena Gomez was named after.If you do not know who she is, please look her up. I feel that she is one of the best singers in the history of singers. She was really spunky, cool, silly, and beautiful. Not only that, but she cared about where she came from. She sang really,really amazing. It was her talent. No lip syncing, just her. She mostly sang songs in spanish, but she sang two songs in english that are called "Dreaming of You" and "I Could Fall In Love". Please look her up and listen to her songs on youtube or something. Read her story. Listen to her songs. Please give me your feedback on what you think.

-vanessacp3 :D