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Quotes by vanilla_shortcake

stop editing your,
Picture's, what is you go missing?
How could we find you if you look like
Beyonce on facebook,
and waka flocka in person.
Old people are either super nice
or the meanest people on earth 
there is no inbetween. 

Format chickittylover

Facebook would b. .
way cooler if it was on t.v, "in other news joes 
girlfriend is a cold heartless b/tch.
 details at eleven . . . .

At  McDonalds  last  night  this  dude,
 gave me the wrong flavoured mcflurry, 
    so i threw it back at him and yelled   ,
"You McF/cked up. 

format credit to: Jade672

ethanol's format
you werent just a star to me, you were my, whole damn sky. 

Format chickittylover

 I was someone
whom everyone admired and liked but
nobody knew

ethanol's format
I really just wanna run away and never look back at the people i've known. 

I wish...
That for one day
 you could stand in my shoes,
and see sh/t through my eyes. 

format credit to: Jade672


Why periods?

Why can’t Mother Nature just text me and be like
"waddup girl. You ain't pregnant. Have a great week.

“Talk to you next month"

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