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~Hey People~

Haiii there. The names Sydney. Sooo I guess i'll tell you a little about me. I came into this world on January 7th, along with my twin sister, Maddie (Boy_Crazy). When you first meet me, i'm a little bit shy, but once you get to know me I can be very crazy. My all-time favorite show is Dance Moms!! I love it. I loveee FOOD, and my wonderful friends. And if you ever need to vent, you can always come talk to me, I won't judge. 

Oh, and one more thing, you are beautiful :) 
You are special:)

Quotes by veronica_syd66

Do you ever just look at happy couples and think, why can't I have that?
Now, it just seems like everything is a competition. 
When someone opens a present that you wrapped,

you feel like they just ripped apart your baby.
How most parents react
to a yellow light: Slow down

How my parents react
to a yellow light: Go as fast as possible so you don't get stuck at a red light

lol at this ^^^^
Who else can't wait...

for Dance Moms to come back on in January???
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Guess who got a boyfriend?!

This girl!!


that goes to my school.

Best. Website. Ever. ^

Thanks to the movie Matilda,

I will always know how to spell difficulty

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