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The kids on here just like to complain It's ridiculous. OK THANKS BYE

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 I feel myself falling, like I always do. I can't do this anymore.

Make Witty Great Again

About 5 years ago, this site was amazing. There were so many people and so many new quotes. So much interaction and all types of quality posts. Does anyone want to turn witty into a better site? It's a bit dead now. We need to invite more people, as many as you can, favorite and comment quotes, and post quality stuff (with all sorts of emotions) more frequently. 

it's a mistake



One Direction Update

10/24/15 10:20 PM EDT
Hey guys! Not too much going on today. The boys had the day off! As far I as know, the only one who was seen was Niall. He was in London at a Rugby match. Louis was also on the XF today! It was pre-recorded but if you didn't know, Simon had Louis as his guest for judges houses this year! 

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys head to Newcastle for the first of 3 nights at Metro Radio Arena!

This Day In 1D History:

Rumors: None

Links: Niall today:
Harry with a fan yesterday:

  your dream is not impossible. 

do not let matters such as dollars and distance discourage you. yes, they are obstacles, but they can be overcome. 

you have to have courage, you have to have faith. 

do not be intimidated by people who have achieved your dream already, who seemed to have achieved your dream with ease while you cannot get past step one. that was their journey. this is your journey. do not compare your journey to those of others. everyone moves at their own pace, and whether yours is fast or slow, you will reach the end. i promise you.

don't give up. just believe. be positive. it will take you a long way.

I''m not looking for someone to live with, i'm looking for someone who i wont live without.
This quote does not exist.
“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right,
he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong.”
— Charles Wadsworth


why BACON is better than true love

True love only happens once in a lifetime....
Bacon can happen seven times a day, if you want it to

You can keep bacon in the fridge to keep it good...
true love you cannot put in the fridge

Love is fleeting, but bacon stays in your arteries for all eternity

It will always be there for you

Bacon won't divorce you over a little misunderstanding

Bacon does NOT NAG or COMPAIN