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sick :/

My life isn't very interesting...just a 14-year-old girl named Emily trying to enjoy life & survive the drama of high school.
I love dancing, music, field hockey, & softball. I'd be lost without my friends

THANK YOU wittians for being there to support me
comment if you ever want to chat[:


You are all beautiful.




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Attractive Person: I wish i had a girlfriend.



Fave for a name

that sounds cute

with yours... and

the first thing i

notice about you(:

When mheadphonego on,
my life is automatically a music video.

That annoying moment when
the teacher picks a slow reader to read out the passage.


Choosing names 100 years from now:
It's a girl!
New Mother:
Wow! I think I'll name her Amy!
Doctor:  I'm sorry, but that name is taken, might I suggest Amy797 or Amy_32?



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There is something really special
                                                                             About a rolley chair.


I miss the days 

When boys had cooties
When it was a reward to have lunch with your teacher
When the coolest technology you had was a tamagotchi 

When your coolest pair of jeans were from Old Navy 
When the best P.E lesson involved a colored paracute
When recess was too short
When decisions were easy and chosen by "enie, meanie, miney, moe."
When only skinned knees brought tears
When goodbye only meant until tomorrow
When your clothes didn't need to match
When the only race issues were who could run faster
When all that mattered was getting to the swings first
When drugs meant medicine
When drinks meant kool-aid 
When the biggest rumor was about what somone ate for lunch

Fav if you agree:)


You walk past girls at school thinking
"Why aren't I that beautiful?"

You walk past good looking guys thinking
"Why can't I be his girlfriend?"

You walk past a cute couple thinking
"I am not perfect enough to be in a relationship"

You walk past a rich house thinking
"Why can't I live in that house?"

You walk past a mirror thinking
"Why did I have to be me?"


forgeterr's signature format. Please don't remove credit. Or I will hunt you down. You do NOT want to get on my bad side.
Favorite For A Name
That Sounds Cute With Yours
I will do them all
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