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i'm Riva...
i am one of those really deep inspirational people... 
that can be totally crazy and silly.

i absolutely love to dance and make friends

follow me and i will follow you... promise :)


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Which one of the

Deathly Hallows

do you wish you had?

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So, today...

My friend told me he was checking out my butt on the way up the stairs. 

Him... checking out my butt...on the stairs...


         i wAnT SomEoNe 
                      (( t o  g r a b   m e   b y   t h e   h a n d  )) 
     & put their arms around me, 
                     and tell me that i'm all they will ever want, all they will ever need.

            i wAnT sOmEoNe To lOvE mE.                   



i'm waiting for the day that
someone opens up a mens underwear store called "Victor's Secret".


apple should change Siri's
voice to Morgan Freeman's voice.

Friendship is like wetting your pants.

everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth.
Julie: I can't believe they're still together after all that crap!!


Julie: My buttcheeks:)