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everything is calmer with you.
im a gay person who really loves someone lmao

Quotes by weirddd

ok but the weirdest feeling ever has got to be knowing someone actually wants you like you want them like wtf

life is a little easier now.
(i love you so much)



soo.. anyone not straight on here
gay, bi, pan, ace, poly, demi, etc ??


If i lose myself tonight,
                          it will be by your side.

I will never give up.
Unless it's friday. Then i'm so done with everything and i'm going to sleep.


If you still like Miley Cyrus as a person after the VMA's... how omfg
I'm a primadonna girl yeah, all I ever wanted was the world.
I just can't believe that this is my life.
In my fantasy, we're
running wild.
Self doubt
is the reason i'm not your girlfriend right now.
Crush: Hey
Me: H......e......yygrsgwhe!!
Crush: What did you say at the end there? 
Me: ...grbhjgegerghre..
Crush: uhm.... okay... bye.