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Location: Cuturally inadequate apple town
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i'm Savannah but some call me Sav
i'm seventeen and i'm a scorpio if you're into that type of thing
I live in a culturally inadequate apple town on the east coast
i wear way too much black and my parents hate it
i also refuse to succomb to the standard of properly Capitalizing certain things
im a really open person like i will talk about anything without limits
if you watch freaks & geeks as religiously as I do we can be friends for sure
i'm really into poetry because sometimes its hard to collect your thoughts without a pen and paper
if you actually pay for your music i'm skeptical about your character
pink floyd the weeknd ed sheeran childish gambino jhene aiko biggie smalls tupac 
lana city & colour the ramones the dirty heads front porch step amy winehouse etc are my mains
I have a cactus named booty and his prickly exterior reminds me of myself in some ways
my best advice for you is listen to your body talk to plants and ignore people
i'm a self proclaimed loose cannon and i stopped being ashamed of that years ago
the goal is to leave this world a better place than I found it
i'm more likely to kiss you than bite you so dont be shy


Quotes by savannah*

"Here's the thing about art; it makes you love people more.
 It forces you to forgive their petty transgressions. It works
 the way religion is supposed to, if you think about it."       

--Nick Hornby                                                                    


"I think that if I ever have kids I won't tell

them that people are starving in Africa or

anything like that because it wouldn't

change the fact that they were upset.

And even if somebody else has it

worse, that doesn't really change the fact

that you have what you have."


- - Perks of Being A Wallflower, 2012



"I'm chaos. I've always been chaos. My point on Earth is chaos.
I'm the third act of every movie you've ever seen. I'm the part
 where it rains; where 
the person you don't want to die, dies."  



I really want to get into some new music styles
I'm honestly open to anything so comment your--
favorite songs bands etc and i'll look them up?




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I always thought life was unfair until
somebody said "Life is fair because it
is unfair to everybody."              


"This too,
shall pass."