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I fell apart ,but got back up again 
-Thirty seconds to Mars   

N o b o d y  d i e s  a  v i r g i n
L i f e  f * c k s  u s  a l l

-Kurt Cobain   

I Will Always Love You

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"Jade! run, i could see the cops coming!" Joey screamed. I panickley dropped
all the spray cans and left running, as im running im searching for joey and the other gang but they are no where to be found. I should've known they would leave me by the fact that i just met them hours ago, but why would joey leave me? i mean yea i barley met him but he kept telling me how much he liked me while we were making out . I guess i should stop trusting people i barley meet but i guess i try finding love in anything i could find since my dad is dead and my mother is an alcoholic who barley knows i exist. This all started once my dad died, i guess he was the glue to our family but once he was gone everything started to change. My mom found drinking alcohol was the only way to cure her pain. I stopped caring about everything and started to lose all my friends, and let my grades drop . If my dad was here right now this would all be different, i would be a normal sixteen year old instead of this lowlife getting into trouble every possible minute ....
I stop running thinking i outrunned the cop but as soon as i turn to the next corner, I find my self lying on the ground with handcuffs placed on my wrist.
"Let me go!" i panickley screamed twisting and turning hoping he would let go for i could start running but he just hold on tighter. he pulls me up and takes me to the police car. "watch your head" he says. Yea after you slamed it to the floor i say to myself. We stop right in front of the police station where they made me fill out some papers with my information.They told me i get one phone call and im going to spend the night here until they figure out what they are going to do with me tommorow in court. I have no one to except for my mom but i really don't want to deal with her . I call anyways and the phone is ringing until i hear someone half drunk answer the phone, "Hello". I'm disgusted by the fact she's drunk , "Mom i'm at the police station they arrested me for tagging and possesion of drugs." the drugs weren't mine in fact i never drink or do drugs, they were joey's who told me to hold them for him. "What! are you serious, you're so stupid how could you do this ,what would your dad say if he was here?" she yelled histerically. "Well he's not okay !, and trust me if he was here i would be calling him instead of you but unfortunatley your the only family i have, you know what forget about it bye". i hang up and start crying.They take me to the room im going to stay for the night, i stayed awake the whole night thinking about the miserable life i have, i wished i had a blade that night for i could cut but unfortunatley i didnt.The police take me to the court room i sit waiting what is going to happen to me. The judge enters and we all rise, once he sits down we all sit down too. After a long discussion the judge finally says
" Jade Anne Marquez, i hereby sentence you to...

What do you think should i continue???

When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, He searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present her.
And when he finally finds it, he waddles over to her and places the
pebble right in front of her.
Kind of like a proposal

Dear whoever is reading this,
I hope you know that you're never alone,
and that someone out there loves you more than 
you will ever know.

Hey Idiot,
i love you
Random Fact-
 Turtle can breathe from their butts :)
"Rawr means I love you in dinosaur?"
Im pretty sure "Rawr" in dinosaur means
"Run b*tch Run"
Why can't I be beautiful enough ♥
"ladies first"
is just the nice way of saying
"let my look at your butt while you walk in front of me"