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Hey world, We are Irrinni and Katrina. We are both 14 and cousins. 

This account is run by the two of us! We are cousins and very bubbly people.  

Irrinni: Well hey! Im Irrinni! I am from Australia BUT I am greek! 
(+) Black Veil Brides, One Direction, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Neon Trees, Music, Writing, Photography, Kittens, Bubbles, Unicorns (THEY ARE REAL!!!), Dancing, Reading, Friends, Acting random, Jc Caylen, O2L.
(-) 'Plastics', Tomatos, Silence, Bit.hes, Mean people, Dogs, Haters, Bullies, Death, Moths, Snakes, Sharks, The ocean

PS Follow my Tumblr http://simplyme-73.tumblr.com/
Kartina: Hey Hey Hey!!! I am Katrina but if you call me that I will yell..so call me Kat :) Im from the UK..IM BRITISH!!!!!
(+) One Direction, Pierce the Veil, Jake Miller, Neon Trees, Music, Rap, Dance, Kittens, Singing, Friends, Cher Lloyd, Movies, Directing, Mean Girls (the movie), Irish people!!, Pink and Black, Ricky Dillon, O2L.
(-) 'Plastics', Bullies, A.sholes, The dark, Fire, Dogs, Being mad, Vegies DX.

thats all from us, we love you and be strong. If you have any questions feel free to ask them :)

PS We love you Steve <3

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Friend (n): One who listens, doesnt judge, and somehow makes everything alright.
Wanted by many. Taken by none. Looking at some. Waiting for one.
No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.

I need a video idea for a christmas themed video, but I love in Australia so it has to be summer themed to!! HELP MEEE
hey all its irrinni again, I have a nother video please please check it out and subscribe to my channel
I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed.
 - William Shakespeare
Hey everyone its Irrinni, I have decided to sart youtube and it would mean the world to me if you could watch my first video

thank you if you do, and subscribe <3
you know some people say that rejection is the worst feeling in the world..those people have clearly never had cramps
Every girl deserves a guy who respects her and every guy deserves a girl who appreciates his efforts.
This is my food, there may be other that look and taste like it but this one is mine, and mine alone!