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Hey world, We are Irrinni and Katrina. We are both 14 and cousins. 

This account is run by the two of us! We are cousins and very bubbly people.  

Irrinni: Well hey! Im Irrinni! I am from Australia BUT I am greek! 
(+) Black Veil Brides, One Direction, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Neon Trees, Music, Writing, Photography, Kittens, Bubbles, Unicorns (THEY ARE REAL!!!), Dancing, Reading, Friends, Acting random, Jc Caylen, O2L.
(-) 'Plastics', Tomatos, Silence, Bit.hes, Mean people, Dogs, Haters, Bullies, Death, Moths, Snakes, Sharks, The ocean

PS Follow my Tumblr http://simplyme-73.tumblr.com/
Kartina: Hey Hey Hey!!! I am Katrina but if you call me that I will yell..so call me Kat :) Im from the UK..IM BRITISH!!!!!
(+) One Direction, Pierce the Veil, Jake Miller, Neon Trees, Music, Rap, Dance, Kittens, Singing, Friends, Cher Lloyd, Movies, Directing, Mean Girls (the movie), Irish people!!, Pink and Black, Ricky Dillon, O2L.
(-) 'Plastics', Bullies, A.sholes, The dark, Fire, Dogs, Being mad, Vegies DX.

thats all from us, we love you and be strong. If you have any questions feel free to ask them :)

PS We love you Steve <3

LostGirls*'s Favorite Quotes

How to twerk:

Step One: Don't
You know someone hurt you deep when you just hear their name and it ruins the rest of your day.
My past will forever haunt me.
That awkward moment
when you're doing your homework and suddenly your pencil turns into a computer mouse and you've already reblogged 10 photos from Tumblr and liked your best friends cover photo on Facebook and updated your status on Twitter and before you know it half and hour has gone by and you still need to complete your homework..

I still don't know where my pencil is though.


What kind of fish is made of only two sodium atoms?
2 Na (say it)

If I ever see you guys in real life I’m screaming your username as loud as I can
I don't own any five inch heels just got my Nike's on

Life is the most easy exam

But many fails


They try to copy others

They don't realize that everyone has a different question paper

because i
hate the
fact that
i need you
more than
you need me.

Dear people,
Stop saying violets aren't blue.
"Flower colours vary in the genus, ranging from violet, through various shades of blue, yellow, white, and cream, whilst some types are bicolored, often blue and yellow."
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