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 Hey everyone i am know as Annebelle thank you for visiting my witty profile and takeing the time to read my quotes, stories etc.... Anyway here 10 things abot me! 
1. fav colors include: blue, purple, black, and orange 
2. I enjoy reading fantasy novels 
3. maroon 5 and breathe carolina are amazing! 

4. the feature i love most about myself is my smile 
5. the item i treasure the most is, a scooby doo doll my big bro got for me 
6. i hate makeup 
7. if i could be any mythical creature it would be either a mermaid or an 
8. i cant touch my toes 

9. i play soccer 
10. i love to laugh and make others laugh or smile - Profile Counters

Quotes by winterswishingwell

theres only one prince charming but there are thousands of princesses
admit it 
you expected highschool to be like mean girls
to the children who never got a chance to live there lives


yonick name    


the man who is elmo is a pedophile,
plot twist: dreams come true...
Even witty, 


~the ony action i'll ever get is a three some on the couch with Ben and Jerry~ 
Dear fellow self harmers, 

the ony promise life gives you is death, 

we are all going to die so live your life the way you want and dont end it before its time

sincerly a friend 
Jessica Ridgeway
we will never forget you