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I promise you, it does.
Society ruined me, nobody saved me.
Chapter 7

I woke up at around noon the next day when Jeff unwrapped his arms around me and went into the bathroom. I laid in bed quietly until he came back. He smiled when he saw me, "Did I wake you up?" He asked. I stretched my arms, "I was up anyway. Want me to make you some food?" 
"I was thinking of taking you out to eat. But if you wanna cook that's fine." 
"I don't wanna cook actually," I laughed, "Yeah. Wanna take my car or is your car back at your house?" 
"I'll drive. But I'm gonna go get ready, I'll be back in half an hour." 
"Want me to walk you out?" I asked. 
"Nah, it's okay." He walked over to me and kissed my cheek, "Thanks for last night. I needed it." He whispered low into my ear. 
I smiled, "Anytime. It was nice talking." He nodded then walked out of the door. I got up and started getting ready. I brushed my teeth and combed out the crazy birds nest that was my hair, then I curled huge chunks of my hair into simple, big curls. I decided on a black neff beanie with a simple black cropped tank top, distressed jean shorts, and all black chucks. It was simple and cute. I had finished doing my mascara when I heard the doorbell ring. A few moments later I heard somebody let themselves in, "Bree! Are you ready yet?" I heard Jeff's voice. I grabbed my cell phone and money then went downstairs. 
"Readdddy!" I said and threw my hands into the air like a diva. 
He laughed at me, "Let's get going." He said. We got into the car and he drove off. 
"Sooo. What do you wanna do on this fine Saturday?" Jeff said. 
I shrugged, "Show me this city. I haven't seen much since I arrived here... Yesterday." 
He laughed, "I kinda forgot I only met you yesterday." 
"Yeah. I feel like we've known each other our whole lives." 
"Same." He smiled at me. "So. Let's go out to eat, then I'll take you to the fair that's going on downtown." 
I smiled, "Sounds perfect." 
There was an awkward silence for a few moments but then he pulled into an old fashioned looking diner. He came around, opened my door, and walked me inside. There was waitresses with big hair on roller blades and checkered booths. It felt like I was in a movie from the 70's. "This is adorable." I said.
"I knew you'd like it. It's been opened since the 50's and nothings changed much since then." A waitress rolled towards us and came to a stop, "Booth or table?" She asked. 
"Booth." Jeff said and we followed the rolling waitress to our table. 
"What can I get you guys to drink?" She asked. 
"Get us 2 of the house shakes." Jeff said before I could answer. "You're gonna get the real experience from this restuarant." He said before I could object. 
"Okay. 2 house shakes, I'll be right back to take your order." 
"You're gonna love it. Trust me." He said, smiling at me. 
"What if I don't like shakes." I said. 
"You're gonna like these." 
I brushed it off my shoulders and looked at the menu. When the waitress came back and set down our shakes I looked up and saw a cup bigger than my face with ice cream that was running down the side of the cup and homemade whipped cream. I was in awe. "Bree! Did you hear what I said?" Jeff asked.
"No, what." I said looking up. 
"What do you want to eat?" 
"Oh. Can I have the bacon cheese sliders, can I get those plain, with cheese fries." I smiled and handed the waitress my menu. She walked away. 
"Sooo. What do you think of your shake?" He asked. 
"I'm gonna need a booster seat just to drink it." I heard Jeff laugh. 
"You are pretty short." He said. 
I shrugged, "5'0 isn't short." 
"Nooo. It is short. I'm 6'4." 
"Yeah, you're just too tall." I said, sticking my tongue out at him. 
He laughed, "You're cute." He said. 
"But really. How am I supposed to drink this." I whined.
"I don't know, figure it out." He said smiling at me. 
I quickly stood up and sat on my knees which gave me the boost I needed to reach my straw. I took one long drink, it was one of the best things I've ever tasted. "OMG." I said. 
He laughed, "You have whipped cream on your nose." He said. 
I touched my nose, "Where?" I asked. 
All of the sudden his hand reached over the booth and touched my face, I felt something cold dripping down towards my mouth. "There." He started laughing in the booth at my expression. I grabbed some whipped cream and quickly flung it over towards him. It hit him in the cheek. "Don't mess with me." I said. 
"Come get this off! Right now." He said in between giggles. 
"Make me." I said. He walked around too my side and stood in front of me, I curled up in the corner. He grabbed more whipped cream and came face to face with me. "Get it off now or you're gonna pay." He said. 
"Um. Excuse me." We heard a voice say. We looked up to see our waitress with our food and an unemotional expression. Jeff licked his fingers then got out of her way and sat on his side. We both started laughing as soon as she left and wiped off the whipped cream ourselves. We started eating and talking, just having a great time. When we were finished and got our bill, I pulled out a $20. "No. It's my treat." He said putting down a credit card. 

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okay. 2 chapters in 1 day. 
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Chapter 5

The night was only starting. People started barbequing, girls started swimming, and everybody was having fun. I became friends with a girl named Alicia, who could of been my twin. We were both short, she was an inch taller than me, and we were both blonde with blue eyes and a rocking body. She had the idea of going water skiing. I agreed even though I could barely walk straight. We both stumbled towards the boat, holding each other for support. "Maybe we should go tubing, it's a lot less dangerous." One of the boys we were with suggested. 
"NOOOOOO." Me and Alicia said. Jeff started up the boat as the guys set up the water skiis. 
"Are you sure you guys want to do this?" Jeff asked.
"It'll be fun! Don't worry." I said. A few minutes later both skiis were set up. Alicia and I each grabbed one as the boat sped away. Then, Jeff turned too fast to avoid hitting another boat, I lost my balance and fell over, hitting my arm on something. Everything happened fast because then I heard somebody screaming my name. A few moments later, Jeff had his arms around me and was helping me towards the boat. The two other boys on the ship grabbed me and pulled me up, I saw red oozing from my arm. I looked up and saw Alicia grabbing a towel. I didn't even see her get back on the boat.Jeff quickly turned the boat back on and sped towards the shower. Alicia stood by me and held the towel around my arm. It was the worse pain I had felt in a while. Once we got to shower someone grabbed a first aid kid and wrapped my arm up. It was quick and painless. 
"Maybe I should take you home Bree." Jeff said. 
"You don't have to ruin your night for me." I said. 
He shrugged, "You're not. Don't worry. Besides, you're slurring your words. It's time for you to call it a night." He gave me a small smile. I nodded and grabbed my keys and walked towards my car. Jeff grabbed my arm, "You're not f/ucking driving yourself home." He said. "You're f/cking drunk." 
I looked up at him as he grabbed my keys and dragged me towards my car, "How are you gonna get home?" I asked. 
He shrugged, "I'll figure it out. I'll have somebody drive my car back to me." He opened up the passenger door for me and then walked around towards the drivers seat. 
"How do you know where I lived?" I asked as he pulled into my drive way.
He laughed, "I'm your next door neighboor."  
"O." I said. A few minutes later Jeff was helping me up the stairs. I walked him into my room, "Stay until I finish getting ready?" I asked.
He shrugged, "Yeah sure. I guess." 
I walked into my bathroom and quickly showered and then put on a sports bra with black, baggy shorts. When I left the room, Jeff was on the phone, "Yeah bro. Just drive my car back whenever." He said, "She's back now. Bye." He smiled at me as I walked towards him. 
"Soooo." He said, "I guess I'll get going now." 
"No. Why would you? Spend the night!" I said, feeling the alcohol making me flirty. 
He smiled, "Okay but I don't sleep on the floor." He said. 
"Sleep next to me in bed." I winked at him. "Want me to get you something to wear?" 
He laughed, "Okay yeah get me yoga pants and a sports bra." He took his shirt off and slipped off his pants, only to be left in boxers. He smiled at me, "Don't stare to long." He winked. 
"I wasn't staring." I said turning red.
"Sure." He winked again. I pulled up my covers and got into bed. He got in right next to me. 
"Do you do this with every guy you meet?" He asked.
I turned and faced him, "No. You're just special." 
"Oh. Thanks. I know I am. So, why did you move here?" He asked.
"I got into trouble back in Michigan. My dad found out and thought it was better if I came and lived with him." I said. 
"Oooo, rebel. What did you get in trouble for?" 
"Alcohol." I said. 
I heard him swallow, "You didn't drive did you?" He asked. 
"Noooo. I just had it on me and was drinking it. The cops went easy when they busted me the first two times, but the third time I got arrested. Then I got sent away." 
"Do you miss Michigan?" He asked. 
"Yes. I miss all the sports teams I played on and my friends and my mom." 
"Did you have a boyfriend?" 
"No." I said.
He nodded, "Our school has second semester sports try outs going on in two weeks. You should go for it." 
I shrugged, "I don't know. It'll be awkward." 
"No. It won't be. Come be a cheerleader and you can cheer me on at all my games." He winked at me again.
I turned my back and gave him the silent treatment. A few moments later I felt his arms at my hips and his lips at my ear, "I was kidding. But you should try out. You'd love it." I turned my head so I was face to face with him. 
"I'll think about it." I said. He smiled at me. "So, what sports do you play?" I asked.
"Football, hockey, and soccer. I used to play basketball but when my sister died, I stopped playing. That was our favorite sport to play together." 
"I'm so sorry. How did she die?" I asked. 
I saw him stiffen up, "A drunk driver hit her one day while she was playing basketball. She was only 9." 
I leaned over and kissed him on his cheek, "It's okay. She's in a better place now." 
His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me towards him, "I know. It still hurts every day." After that moment, we talked for hours and hours, we both fell asleep around 4 A.M with his arms still wrapped around my waist. 

Chapter 4

"Sorry. I was running a little late." I said.
"Come meet everybody. Leave everything in your car. You're not gonna need it till later." He said. I placed my bag and slipped over my shorts and top. I put everything in my car and locked my car then walked away with Jeff.
"Nice tattoo." He said running his fingers over the cross across my hip.
I smiled, "I love tattoos and piercings."
He nodded, "I have my sisters name and when she died tatooed across my ribs," He turned and lifted his arm. I felt my heart ache, "I'm sorry for your loss." I said.
He shrugged, "People die, it's a part of life. I've learned to accept it."
I nodded, "I love the tattoo though, so meaningful."
"Where else do you have tattoos?" He asked, changing the subject.
"I have a heart behind my neck and that's about it. I want to get more, I just don't know where."
He nodded, "Same. I want more tattoos too, but I only want meaningful ones."
"That's amazing." I said.
He nodded, "So, here we are. Everybody this is Bree." Jeff said.
Everybody looked up from their kegs and joints and waved. Jeff dragged me over to a bunch of guys setting up the bonfire. "Hey guys." He said.
All the guys looked up, "Damnn. Whose this." A blonde guy said eyeing my body. I shyed away and half covered my body with Jeff's.
"Don't be a pig dude," Jeff said hitting him over the head.
"What. She's a babe! Hello beautiful, I'm Mr. Right." The guy said.
I shot him a look, "What's your real name? Because you're doing this all wrong Mr. Right."
All the guys laughed as mr. right blushed a deep red, "I'm Chad." He said.
"I'm Armani." The tan, dark haired one said. "The rest of these guys are David, Shane, and Brandyn." They all waved as their named was said.
"I'm Bree." I said smiling.
"Oh. We know. You're the talk of the school." Brandyn said.
I put my head down and blushed. "Ohh."
The guys laughed, Jeff whispered in my ear, "It's a good thing. Don't worry." His warm breathe tickled my neck.
"Want a beer Jeff?" One of the boys said.
"You know I don't drink.." Jeff said.
"How about you beautiful?"
I nodded, "Sounds good!" A few moments later I had a beer in my hand and the night was starting. The boys got the fire lit and soon everybody was having fun and playing drinking games. I was 5 beers in when I got up.  "I'm going to get another beer." I said. When I left my seat had been taken.
"Here. Sit here," Jeff said pulling me onto his lap. I felt his warm hands around my waist and I leaned into him.
"C'mon bro! Give us all a chance." Someone said.
He laughed, "Sorry. I'm not giving her to you drunken idiots."
Everyone laughed. "I don't get what's so funny." I said.
"You're slurring your words." Jeff said.
I shrugged and put my beer to his face, "Want?"
He shook his head, "No thanks. I don't drink."
I turned to face him, "Why not?" I said.
He shrugged, "I just don't."
"Hey! The funnel is here!" Somebody said.
I looked up and saw kegs and funnels being walked towards us. Jeff pulled me off his lap and went to greet the guys.
A few moments later the funnels and kegs were being set up. "Hey. Bree. Wanna go first?" Somebody said.
I nodded, "Only if Jeff holds me up." I said looking at Jeff.
He nodded. A few minutes later he was pulling my legs up and helping me funnel the beer.
"Damn. This girl can drink!" Somebody screamed.

Chapter 3

I looked up to see Jeff walking behind me. "Well Jeff, if I was following you why are you behind me?" I winked at him and walked away towards my teacher. "Hi, I'm Bree." I said giving my teacher a bright smile.
"But of course! I'm Mr. Montgomery. It's the first day of the new semester so take a seat and you'll learn more. There's a seat in the back left corner if that's okay with you."
I smiled and nodded, "Great. Thanks," I said walking away. I walked into the row and in the second seat in the row next to mine was Jeff. I ignored him and walked towards the back. Mr. Montgomery taught English 11. We had to read To Kill A Mocking Bird and Antigone this semester. I had read those last year in my AP English 10 class. So it was going to be repetitive, boring. He handed the books down the row and then talked more about the semester. What felt like hours later the bell rang. I gathered up all my stuff and walked out. The rest of the day went by quickly, I was in my 7th hour class when a familiar face walked towards me.
"Well, Hi there." He said sitting down next to me.
I smiled, "Hey."
"So, you should give me your cell phone number." He said bluntly.
I gave him a look, "Why?" I asked.
"Because there's a bonfire tonight and people want you there so they can meet you." He said.
I leaned back and crossed my arm, "Oh. Why would they want me there?" I asked.
He smiled and let out a laugh, "Because you're hot. Now then princess, whats your number?" He said pulling out his phone.
I typed my number into his phone and then he shot me a text message. "Hey ;)".
"Winky face," I said, "Very original."
He laughed and then turned to face the teacher. Math. Boring, difficult, annoying, stressful.
He passed out books and told us our materials for the class. Time dragged on for hours when the final bell rang. I gathered up my stuff and walked accross the street into the junior lot. The hot valley sun was flashing down on my back. I threw my stuff into the back seat and turned the air conditioning on high and drove home.
When I got into my house, no one was home but there was a note from my step mom. "Dinners in the over for you. Sorry, emergency business trip. Your lunches are packed for the rest of the week and theres money in the cabinet. Love you lots xox Adrina."
I grabbed my food from the oven and sat in the lonely dark kitchen, I figured both of them would be out of town at some poimt. I was on my phone when someone called me, a number I didn't know.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hey," I recognized Jeff's voice.
"Oh sorry. I forgot to put your name in my contacts." I said.
"It's no problem. Be ready at 7 tonight." He said.
"Why?" I asked.
"The f//cking bonfire."
"Oh. Yeah sure whatever, I'll be ready." I looked at the clock, 5:30. "I'm gonna go get ready. Text me how to get there."
"ok, bye." he said as the line went dead.
I went into my room and showered quickly. I left the shower and started doing my hair. At around 6:30 I checked my phone. He sent me directions and told me to wear a bathing suit. I finished up my hair then started getting ready. I put on a yellow, push up bathing suit top with white bottoms and studded, distressed jean shorts. I put on my white flip flops, grabbed a beach bag and some money, then locked my house and left. I followed the simple directions to the beach and got out. It was 7:15. "Hey you're late."

the title is going to come into play a lot in the next chapter.
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My depression is killing me
Chapter 2

I went to talk to the teacher and he explained the class and what their daily routine was. He told me if I wanted to I could dress but it wasn't required. I decided to change anyway and went into the empty locker room. I changed quickly into yoga shorts and a sports bra. I slipped on my black nikes, put on a zip up hoodie and walked out of the locker room. "BREE START RUNNING LAPS." My teacher screamed at me as soon as I walked into the gym. "YOU HAVE 3 MINUTES TO GET READY PRINCESS. NO MORE. NO LESS." I looked surprised as I took off my hoodie and started running. I saw all eyes on me as I ran around the track. The coach stopped us all after 10 minutes of running. He told us to gather to the center of the gym. "Boys. This is Bree. She's going to be training with us this semester because there is no girls weight training class. Keep your hormones down, she's just a girl." He continued to talk and looked around, "Bree. I understand from your record that you're quite the athlete. So I'm going to pair you up with Jeff. Jeff raise your hand." A tall, dark haired guy with deep blue eyes and a dark tan raised his hand and smiled, "Jeff. There's your partner. Show her what to do. Boys- I mean everybody, go do your daily routines. Come back in 30 for stretching." He clapped his hands and everybody ran off to the weight room.
"Hi. I'm Jeff." The guy said walking towards me.
I smiled, "Bree. So where are all the girls?"
He laughed, "No girl at our school can handle this type of training. Most of them do dance or cheer."
I nodded, "Wow. How hard is this class?" I asked.
He smiled, "Every guy in here is a wrestler, football player or both."
"What are you?"
"I'm both. Football quarterback and wrestling captain. What sports do you play?"
"I'm a cheerleader and dancer. I've been doing gymnastics since I was 3. I play soccer and softball, basketball. And in the summer I swim."
He looked surprised, "That's where your rock hard abs come from." He said looking down.
I smiled, "I like being active."
"Lets go into the weight room." We walked away from the matt towards an ab machine. "So, where are you coming here from?" He asked.
"That's far. Here, hop grab onto the bar." He said pulling a bar down towards me.
I grabbed onto it and started pulling myself up. I did 2 sets of 10 before stepping down.
"I'm impressed. I haven't met a girl who can even pull herself up once." He said with an appreciative smile.
I smiled and he pulled himself up on the bar and did the same thing. 
"I can handle this. It's not hard." I shrugged my shoulders.
"Well. Let's give you a challenge then." He led me towards a machine. "Place your legs here, twist your body and grab onto that bar. Do that for each side. I'll support your back." 
I looked at the machine and let my ankle grip the bar, I felt Jeff's warm hands on the small of my back. I started twisting around the bar. I felt my abs burning as I got higher and higher, I was half way there before I stopped.
"I quit." I said trying to catch my breathe. Jeff grabbed my hips and helped me off the bars. I collapsed on the floor with my hands on my abs.
He laughed, "You didn't even finish it off. It would of gotten a thousand times worse."
I shook my head, "Never again."
He had a water bottle and I took a huge swig, "It's time to go get changed though. See you later Bree." He said walking away.
I limped towards the locker room and got ready for the rest of the school day. I was completely sore as I walked out of the room.
The bell rang a few moments later and I looked at my schedule. My next class was right around the corner from the gym. I walked in and heard a voice behind me, "Have you been following me?"

sorrry about the long wait to write baes, it'll be good (:

My first week of California went came and went. It all consisted of shopping with my step mom while my dad worked the whole time. Today though was the day I was dreading, the first day of my new school. Moving in the middle of junior year was the worse thing to ever imagine, and it was happening to me. I woke up in the morning with dry, blood shot eyes from crying so much. "Bree. I made you breakfast sweetie." My step mom, Adrina, said walking into my room. I smiled at her, "Thanks." I said as she left the room.

I was soon up and ready to go, after deciding what to wear. I wasn't sure how the kids dressed here. I decided on a black and white, aztec crop top with tight, leather, high waisted black shorts and all black converse. It showed off my toned stomach and fit legs, with out showing off to much. I straightened my hair and it touched the small of my back. I applied my makeup and went downstairs to eat breakfast. My Adrina smiled at me as I sat down. "Do you want us to sign you up for gymnastics? Your new school has a great team and try outs are in a few weeks!" She said with a bright smile.

I took a bite out of my bacon and smiled, "Yeah. That sounds great!" I said with an ecsatic tone.

She smiled, "Do you want lunch money or do you want me to pack your lunch?"
"Whichever you want." I said.
"How does string cheese, doritos, an apple, and a ham and cheese sound?" She asked.
I smiled, "Perfect!" Fortuntely, I loved my step mom already.
She smiled and handed me my brown bag, "Have a great day." She said. I picked up my backpack and put my lunch in it and a water bottle, grabbed my keys and drove off to school.

The directions Adrina gave me were simple to follow. 10 minutes later I was turning into Valley High School. I grabbed everything I needed and put it into my backpack, turned off my car then I was off. I got a few curious stares. It was an average school, not too big, not to small. Each class had around 500 kids and the classes ranged from 20-35 students. But, when a new face was seen on campus, everyone starred. The main office was right by the student lot, I went in and talked to the office lady. She handed me my schedule, a map, and wished me a good first day.
I walked into the school and looked for my classes. I got a few curious glances, some smiles, and a few dirty looks. It was nice to see almost every girl was dressed similar to me. Some wearing less clothes, others wearing more. I found the gym since my first class was weight training. I walked into the class and saw a sausage fest. Was I in the wrong class?