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Heey so I'm Danielle! I'm the one in the blue and black dress, the one in the purple is my best friend Jessica! I love her to death, I don't know what I would do without her. I love sports, but softball and field hockey are my favorite! I'm totally into country music, but I'm a fan of alternative rock too! I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to reading, I love the Hunger Games Series (I read it before the movies) The Harry Potter Series and The Pretty Little Liars Series. I have a dog, Koby, and I just got one for my birthday named Aussie! My favorite shows are Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, NCIS, and Dance Moms! My favorite movies are Sweeny Todd, The Harry Potter Series, Despicable Me, and every single Disney movie ever! I love my three amazing sisters and my parents, they are my life! Well, I think that's all.. follow me I follow back♥

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I would text you so much more if I didn't feel like I was bothering you..


&& Who else is head over heals
for a someone who always
goes back to their Ex?
Long But Worth Reading
At 8:46 am flight 11 crashed into
the WTC north tower.over 100
people were stuck in the building

after the plane had crashed into
the north tower,some people
jumped to their death thinking

they were closer to the ground
because they thought thought
the North tower had begun to fall

. At 9:03 am Flgiht 175 crashes
into the southWTC
tower.Millions of people witness

the second crash,not only in the
city of New york but also around
the nation,even world.One
stairwell in the south stairwell
remained unblocked only with
smoke.it led many of the people

trapped up to the roof top for a
rescue, it never came. At 9:59 56
minutes later the south building

went down. At 10:28 am the
North WTC went down as well.
The North WTC went down
from the top down as if it was
being torn apart. The North
WTC stood for over 102
minutes,and the South WTC

stood for about 56 minutes. So
many brave men and women,
cops, paramedics,fire fighters, the

people working in the WTC,and
never random citizens risked
their lifes 11 years ago trying to

save the lives of total strangers. I
am proud to be an American
and I am proud of all the people

who risked their lives to save
other people. Rest in Peace to all
the people who died in the tragic

attack on U.S, never forget this

I can't even begin to imagine 

what my feelings might be...

When I see you on Friday.


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//&I'm nervous to go back to school, he probably moved on and I'm still head over heels for him.

Steve, Lovin The New Layout.
Ignore The Haters.
We Love You!

Admit it,

when you get up from the computer to get some things and when you come back you have none of them 
But you have food
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Can't you see the way I look at you..

Heey Everyone,

 So Steve kinda really hates it when we do "Fave If" quotes and he is the reason we have this website..so we might wanna stop flat out ignoring him,
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