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Quotes by xMGY_

I love letters, I love it to see how people who use to write horrible still try their hardest to make it look better so you can read the bitter sweet words they've written to make you feel good. I love it how every letter is different, it reminds me of the fact that every human being is different too and that it's okay to be different. I feel like letters say more than just the words you read, it's like they can tell you how someone really feels (about you) and that makes it more special than every kind of text message in the world..
You think you're cooler than me? Ha- you're probably right.
I can't hang with people who always think they're right, like f//ck your bullsh///t; I'm the one who is always right. 🔪
A young teenage girl who cries herself to sleep. A young boy who cuts himself because he feels so weak. "Where is this going? Will it ever end? Or is sadness really my only friend?" Everyone is mad and everywhere is war. I wish I could tell you how it came this far.. Some people suffer from a brokenheart while others suffer from anxiety. "What should we do?" Let's blame it on society! But isn't society you and me? Me and you? Isn't it just stupid that we won't just blame ourselves for what we do? But okay we all know that life's hard and sometimes we're sad, but we've got to remember life is also the best thing we ever had. 🔪 - I'm pretty bad at this but okay still wanted to share it.
sorry for the spam guys, but I made these quotes a while ago and they were in my captions on instagram but I felt like sharing them with you guys too.
I'm starting to read everything with a geordie accent? Uhh maybe I'm watching too much Geordie shore......
I always put away my phone to have a nice conversation with you but if you ignore me and stay on your phone or look at me with a 'idc' face, you can kiss my beautiful butt. 🌿🍒😸
That moment when you're on the toilet, just doing your thing, and someone grabs the door handle....
I hate it when people say stuff like "why do you copy her style" I mean what the f//ck? I wear whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want and if that person wants to be unique she should make her own f//cking clothes instead of buy it in shops where anyone can buy it. Bye.  
Sinds when do you need a boyfriend/girlfriend to feel happy? To feel good? That's the biggest bullsh//t I've ever heard man. You shouldn't let your happiness depend on something you're probably going to lose. You should worry about your grades instead of your "love-life", just go to parties, hang with your friends and enjoy your f///cking time as a teen. But keep your focus on school. Bye.