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Quotes by xMy_Secretsx

                        I honestly just want to end my life right now..

                        I hate what I see in the mirror. Especially my stomach. I feel so fat and so gross
                        all the time. My face has so much acne and my features make me look ugly. I can't
                        take this anymore.


                        I feel so sad right now. Well, not only is it now, but always. I always feel so

                        I was there when my best friend killed herself.

                        MS #161
                        When life regects, the internet accepts.

                        My Secret #160
                        Everytime I'm capable of saying I have nothing to complain about, life gives me
                        something to complain about.

                        My Secret #159
                        I get so nervous when he calls/ texts me that sometimes I wish he doesn't.

                        My Secret #158
                        I feel so drained all the time.

                        My Secret #157
                        A guy has never called me beautiful before.