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Welcome to my profile!
There's lots to know about me!

-I'm a Leo!
-Birthday is in 13th August.
-Relationship Status: Forever unknown.
-Crush: Koala.
-What's so good about him/her: He's the hawtess guy I've ever met, he's kind, he takes my breath away, his laugh is music to my ears and I can't see to get enough of him. His hugs are soooo warm and soft... 
-Nationality: French.
-Besties: Maya, Aisha, Raima, Jasmin, Sukhdeep and more!
-Personality: Out-going, bubbly, hilarious, caring, trustworthy and generous.
-Music Taste: I don't really have a music taste really. Just randomly go from genre to genre.


Quotes by xPuttyMuffinx

Some people were born with a genetic disease.
Some people were born disabled.
Some people were born disfigured.

But guess what?

We were all born with flaws.


This monster isn't hiding,
This monster never hides.
This monster is out of control,
Becoming fear to Society.
This monster is Rage,
breaks out of its cage,
threatens anyone its way,
painfully toturing them.

There's times where I set it free,
let it cause chaos around me.
There's times where it bursts
into boiling flames,
recklessly bringing damage.

Five things I love about you!!
I love how our small quiet chatters,
 turns into a loud endless conversations!

I love the way you smile,
makes my world stop for a while.

I love when you get all giggly,
even though we always get a little silly!

I love when you get creative,
always gets us motive!

I love when we understand our pain,
without you, it's like a thousand years without rain.

One thing I hate about you,
it's when bitter tears falls out of your eyes,
it breaks my heart into a million pieces.

Remember that I'm always here for you.
Not matter what the distance.



You know it's actually funny...
How people think that my feelings are just another toy,
just for them to break everyday.

But what's even funnier is that...
It's going to take twice the effort.
To actually break me apart.

This Just Happened on Friday, After School

*groupie having a conversation*
*casually waiting for the bus*
Cute random person: Urgh. Why is it so hot today?
Me: Oh well, um.. that's because I'm here. *creepy luagh* ;)
*whole conversation stops and groupie looks at me with horror and disbelief*
Cute random person: Oh, wow.. Um...
Me: Mm hmm. That's right... ;)
Cute random person: Uh, guys. I think we're better be going now... *quickly walks away with le groupie*
Me: Aw... x'c
To those who
think they don't fit in:


No one was born to fit in.
Everyone was born to stand out.

Don't let people get to you just
because you're unique.
 You were meant to be this person you are now,
and you made it this far...

Don't give up.
Show them what you're made of
and just b
e you.

With lots of love, xPuttyMuffinx

Perfection hurts.


I just want to run around on the fields. 
On barefoot, with the wind blowing swiftly through my hair..
Sing random songs and dance along...


I just want to twirl and twirl...
Laugh and throw my hands in the sky...
And just scream...
"I'm free."


... Pretty crazy, huh?


Just because you're older than me, I should respect you?
Um, honey... That's not how I roll.
You want respect?
Work hard just like everybody else


The very moment when your very worst enemy...
Tries to be like you in front of everybody...

No. Just no.
Back the eff off.
There's only that one person and that's me.
Only I get to roll that way.
Only I get to be that way.
I grew up to be like this.
I don't need no b*tches fakin' around, tryin'
to be me and that bull.

Kaii? ^0^