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My name's Charlotte.
I'm a usual girl aged  11-13 & i love love love witty!
I have a lot of witty fans so thankyouhh lots.
I have a few quotes they are all made up by me i don't copy quotes.
I hope when you see my profile and think wow she's a really nice girl .
I would love to be friends so please follow me!
A follow for me is a follow for you!
 I Love my friend, family and you my crush <3


Quotes by xXLilBlahBlahXx

I want to see the percentage of directioners to beliebers,
so please fav if you are a
directioner and comment if you are a belieber...
many thanks <3

me: heyy
friend: hiyahh
me: you okaii??
friend: im good,  you?
me: fine thanks, wuu2?
friend: nm you?
me: watching telli
*convo goes dead*
                                                   my usual convo ends after wuu2 and are you okaii
  <3 does this happen to you?

And who else...

Hates that one piece of hair that decides to get covered in mascara. 

You have to do this...

Look to the ceiling...
Now look to the right...
Next look to the left...
Finally look to the ground...

Ohh boyy didn't you look a fool!

<3's please if i got you!


And Who Else...
Sucks The End Of Their LOLLY POP STICK When Finished With The Lolly?

At the arcades "come on 2p's come o u t"

Gees they're not even worth that much money!

This is me... <3 if it is you  !

XD Someone Just Liked My Quote...
Ohh That Was Me <3

Does anyone else think...
2p's Seem More Money When You're At The Arcades, On Those 2p Slotters?

I don't expect this but...
It would be absolutely amazing to be given the chance to get top quotes of the century!
The highest i've ever got on a quote is 5.. believe me... search my page.
I'm an average teenage girl who is a witty supporter all the way <3
If i see people's quotes wanting fav's i always fave them.
So the thing i wanted to say was i really really really want top quote <3
It would mean the world to me, so witty sisters this is what i want you to do.
Favourite my quote and i can guarantee you will feel better for it <3
If you managed to read this before getting bored then thankyou.
Pleasee Pleasee Pleasee <3 this!



Does any one else,
Still run up the stairs on their hands and knees?