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I'd rather be alone, Than put you on a throne.

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Quotes by *VA VA VOOM*

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Oh, a brand new MCR song?
Just look at all that pain

Me:*Threatening nine year olds since they won't shut up*
Me: I will be forced to call you poopyhead.
Me: And we don't want that to happen, do we.
Kids:*Stops talking*
Kids:*Stares at me*

Rick Riordan:

Kids: *Carries on talking*
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Everybody needs comfort.
Comfort comes in different forms. Music is one.
 & That's how people drown their sorrows

In RE we had to write our own rules:
1) Be polite
2) Don't sass me
3)If you anger me, be prepared to be thrown off a building
4)If you annoy me, just die
So yesterday I was on my way to 5th period
 and I walked by these guys and one of them
 just randomly shouted at me "YOU'RE SO
TALL!" and me being me shouted back at 
Am I wierd? Yeah you could say that....
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I feel like everyone has changed their usernames.
I wasn't online for like a week. What happened. I'm lost...

Prepare yourself for the end of the world
I lost my IPod USB cable. You will suffer.
Until I find it.- but that's not the point.   

Me: You like Imagine Dragons?
Brother: Yeah. But not everyone can imagine dragons.

Rick Riordan:
David Cameron:
The Queen:
The world:
Me: No, stop. Your a shame to human kind.
Me: This is why the world should've ended in 2012.
Me: So it could've prevented that joke from ever being put into existance.
Me: Leave. You aren't worthy to breath the same air I do.
*The people of the world boo as he walks away*

My friends know me better than my family does.
I'm not sure whether to be ashamed or grateful for that fact.