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Hi! I'm Nicole! I'm 14. I'm a freshie fresh. I am IN LOVE with one direction. I ski. I love watching all of the Kardashian reality shows. I really like sunglasses, even though I forget to bring them with me to places. And that's all I really have to say...
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If you ever want to talk about anything I'll listen and try to give advice. I'll talk about literally everything if you want me too!
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Quotes by xXNicoleyyXx

I'm not weird,
I'm rare.


If a boy ever sang to me
I would probably melt into a puddle of asdfghjkl;

TV: We are farmers!
Me and My Best Friend: BUM BA DUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM!



I'm going to invent  something that makes pigs fly.

eople are going to do a lot of things they tought they'd ever have to!


A great thing happened today!

I got a new couch and it makes it so much easier for me to lay down and be on my laptop at the same time!

I'm such an awkward potato...

Headphones In
World Out

This is the last day that witty will look like this.
Enjoy it while you can.

I've never tried Nutella...

Which member of One Direction are you most like?

Harry Styles:
[] you have curly hair
[] you're cheeky and flirty
[] you have dimples
[] you have a British accent
[] you talk slowly
[] you're the youngest of your friends
[x] you love white Converse
[] your favorite food is tacos
[] you have green eyes
[x] you're under 6ft
[] you love wearing blazers
[] you have a great voice

Louis Tomlinson:
[x] you have straight hair
[x] you love to wear stripes
[] you love pants that end above the ankle
[x] you own at least 1 pair of Toms
[x] you have blue eyes
[] you have a British accent
[] you're the oldest of your friends
[x] you're sassy, outgoing and crazy
[] you love to sing
[] you love people who eat carrots

Zayn Malik:
[] you have amazing eyelashes
[] you have black or dark brown hair
[] you can be very quiet
[] you're mysterious and the 'badboy/badgirl' of your group
[x] you have piercings
[] you're the 'devil' of your friends
[] you love varsity jackets
[] you have great fashion senses
[] you have a catch phrase
[] you hate dancing
[] you're vain
[x] you use hair products
[] you like to rap
[] you like to sing solos

Liam Payne:
[] you change your hairstyle constantly
[x] you've had your hair straight and curly before
[] you're sweet as can be
[] you work hard to make people happy
[x] you love to be on Twitter and do twitcams
[] you love wearing plaid
[] you can pull off a closed or open-mouthed smile
[] you have a signature dance move
[x] you love Disney films
[] you love singing
[] you have a British accent
[] you're like the 'father/mother' of your friends
[x] you take care of the people you love

Niall Horan:
[] you have amazing hair
[] you have an Irish accent
[x] you bleach or dye your hair
[] you're a hat person
[] you have rosy red cheeks
[] you love sneakers
[x] you LOVE to eat food
[x] you like guitars
[x] you're funny/like funny people
[x] you have blue eyes
[x] you have/have had braces
[x] you like to eat sweets for breakfast
[] you hate Disney films
[] you can do an Irish jig
[x] you love Liam
[] you love to sing
Harry: 2
Louis: 5
Zayn: 2
Liam: 4
Niall: 8

Most like Niall♥

Thank You

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