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hey guys this account is going inactive, i will have a new account

hey guys i'm back, technically.

megan || 13 || shanghai bby
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Quotes by winds0ng*

This summer
                               in the town i'm staying in, we can borrow up to 100 books at the local library. that's just amazing.

Vending machines  
are so awesome



BravoSierra's format

When my science teacher mentions "love energy"
                   everyone: *blushes*
                   teacher: i see some people turning pink!



Just me?
Dreaming about guys I don't even like.

Love conquers all.
it has no age

What Guys Should Know

(about girls)


We fight a lot to win your love. Seriously.

Witty and their predictions of faves and comments.
what makes you different, makes you beautiful.

My biggest mistake
wasn't falling for you, it was thinking that that you had fallen for me too.