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Emilie Hacking!♥

Hey y'all. Emilie hurrrr. Wow, I'm so cool. ANYWAY. You've come across the Witty page of a miss Liv Rae D____. Well, obviously you've come across it, she's so Witty famous, everyone's seen her page. But that's not the point. The point is, Liv is my one of my best friends in the whole wide world. She's so amazing. She doesn't see it but she is. So many people hate her but she's absolutely flawless. In the eyes of her husband, anyway. (Oh yeah, I'm Liv's husband. Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean I can't be a husband…) On 11.11.11, I proposed to her, and we're going to have the Wedding in June. It's a private wedding, sorry, you're not invited. She's my Witty Best Friend, but I don't feel right putting the "witty" in front, because honestly, we're closer than the average internet friends. We know everything about each other, lawls. She's mad cuz I'm cheating on her with Harry Styles &my other boyfriend, but she should know I love her most. She drove eight hours to see me… and a bunch of other people but I mean still. I'm her favorite<3 She's driving another eight hours to see me in June. And she's staying at my house for seven whole days. y0u w!$h y0u w3r3 m3. Kidding(: I call Liv, Liver and she calls me Emers. Woohoooo. Did you know that she's black? Jk, she's not black. Which means she can't listen to Mac Miller!!! Cuz that's just too black for Liv. When she comes in June, I'm pretty sure she's planning on slapping my ex-boyfriend, even though he's my boyfriend again. It'll be funny anyway. If you're reading this &you're not one of the 3800+ people following Liv, you should start following her. Okay? Okay good. Love you Liv, you're my wife, my best friend, my sister, all that jaazzz. And I love you, whoever you are reading this:) xoxox


Quotes by xoalicecullenxo

Dear Witty,
you've been there for me for the past 3 years & 24 days, through                 
the good times & the bad. when I made an account on here on February
2nd, 2009, I had no idea what I was even getting myself into. I never
thought you would do as much for me as you have. you were there for
me when I was all alone. you were always my shoulder to cry on. you've
introduced me to some of the greatest people I've met & some of the
worst. when I was feeling alone, you helped me form friendships. some
of those people I've already met- whether I took an 8 hour car ride to
do so, local witty friends came over my house for my birthday, or I went
to the mall to meet Witty friends that visited me. I've done all of those. 
some of these friendships will fade out, I know that, but with all my heart,
I know that some of these friendships will last forever. some of these
people that you introduced me to will be sitting there in the crowd on
my wedding day, or even be standing beside me as one of my 
bridesmaids. Witty, you've helped me through absolutely everything
& I can't even thank you enough. you're more than just a website,
you're my 2nd home, as crazy as it sounds. I don't know how to say
this, but I'm leaving you. your little girl has grown up now. I'm not
the Elementary Schooler that I used to be when I first clicked that
"Create my Account" button. I'm in High School now; I need to focus
on my studies, make sure I get into a good college. I'm alright now,
I don't need to vent to you anymore. if I ever need someone to vent
to, I'll just go to some of the people you introduced me to. I think
I've outgrown you. going on you just isn't the same for me as it
used to be. as time goes on, I slowly watch my Witty friends leave
or not come on as much, & it breaks my heart. it makes me wonder,
"what reason do I have to stay?" & maybe having no reason to stay
is a good reason to leave. thank you so much for everything though.
if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have any self esteem. at all. you taught
me life lessons that I couldn't have learned anywhere else. & now I
want to thank some Wittians that you introduced me to. some of them
I'm still friends with, some of them I lost touch with, some of them I
haven't talked to in years, & some of them hate me with all their heart,
& those people will probably laugh at the fact that I'm putting their
usernames on here. but I want to thank them because they've impacted
my life in some good ways, & also some bad ways. either way, they've
taught me lessons & made me stronger & they deserve a thanks for that.
































& any of my 3800+ followers that I did not list on here.
this is it, my 1111th quote is also my last. thank you for a great 3 years.

Love, Li


I OnlHave
 a few people that I actually                consider to be my friends.
 t h e    r e s t    a r e    j u s t     p e o p e     I     t a k     t o 


   I'm just a             depressed, lonely, empty, worthless, misunderstood mess        


"your parents sound cool... I wanna meet them!" 

with people results in them leaving,            then I don't want any friends 
anymore. I'd rather be alone because   it's   my   decision  rather than
 e v e r y o n e       r e a l i z i n g        I ' m       t       r t h       


I MisYou,
but I'm not stupid enough to gback tyou                  


  are eating me alive. I need to hide from them,  t   I   t   w   h o w


No, It's Fine.

it's my fault for   thinking I actually meant something to you. 

I'm sstupid.


 keep telling myself you decided I was too  good  for
 you, even though I know it's the other way around.



         in every group of friends, there's that one person everyone secretly hates? I'm that person

   i n   y   y