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*You are loved and you're beautiful.

Yes, YOU!*


My name is Charlotte and I come from Boston, MA. You can call me Charlotte, Carly, Lottie, or anything that floats your boat. I was brought into this world July 21st, 1998, so that makes me 15 years old. I like to write,. run, and spend time with my friends and family. I also really love music, like One Direction, Eminem, Emblem3, 5 Seconds of Summer, Tyler The Creator, and a ton more. I'm very friendly, so come talk to me:) xo
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Am I the only who absolutely hates re-reading old messages?

It's reminding you of all the old memories, and that's exactly why I hate it. It's reminding you of memories, of things that are only in the past now.

Old Messages remind you of the past, where the times were better or even worst. 

I just wish I could go back sometimes. But then again, you just have to look foward, into the future and into a brighter life. 



This summer has just felt like a really long weekened.
Do you ever wish you can just un-meet someone?
If someone treats you badly just remember something is wrong with them, not you. Normal human beings don't go around destroying others
Karma is like a rubber band, you can only stretch it back so far until it comes back to hit you in the face
life is a gift, and i don't intend on wasting it
i just want someone to tell me it will all be okay, and mean it.
You are a piece of me
I wish I didn't need
I think everything happens for a reason ; even if you don't believe in that reason.