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*You are loved and you're beautiful.

Yes, YOU!*


My name is Charlotte and I come from Boston, MA. You can call me Charlotte, Carly, Lottie, or anything that floats your boat. I was brought into this world July 21st, 1998, so that makes me 15 years old. I like to write,. run, and spend time with my friends and family. I also really love music, like One Direction, Eminem, Emblem3, 5 Seconds of Summer, Tyler The Creator, and a ton more. I'm very friendly, so come talk to me:) xo
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Just thinking about old memories can change your mood completely 
I'm making this quote to tell my 257 followers, and others I guess too, that I'm done with Witty. It's just not the same anymore. I'd like to thank everyone for the laughs, the crys, and the great advice. I feel like this website taught me a lot, but nothing on here is orginal anymore. I feel like I see all of this on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr. Thank you for helping me out, for the ones who did. I would just like to tell everybody stay strong. You will find someone who loves you someday. Ignore the haters, there not worth it. Everything will get better. Stay strong. You are perfectly beautfiul the way you are. Don't listen to what others have to say about you. I guess if you ever need any help, kik me at itslaffeyb!tchxo. just change the ! to i. Thank you Steve for making this website. I hope Witty is enjoyable for the rest of you, and good luck with everything else in life. Bye my beauties xx (: 
Well, I'm almost done with my story.
I've been writing a One Direction FanFic on my account, xochaarlotteexoo_stories. I'll be writing a new story soon, but on this account.
I've come up with three ideas, but I don't know which to do. I'll end up writing all of them probably, but help me choose which one to write first!

Homewrecking 101: Courtney is the head of the cheerleading team, and has everything she could possibly want. Expect for one boy, Luke. Courtney and Luke had a fling in 10th grade, but it had to end when Luke had to move out of the state due to his dad's job. It's finally Senior year, and Luke is back, but has a girlfriend. Courtney will try her best to end this, and get Luke for herself. Will she win him back, with a reputation of a homewrecker?

Upper Heights: Veronica has just started High School, coming after a bad break up. Still heartbroken, she meets a new boy in her Technolgy class. After getting paired up with him for a project, she finds out he's two years older than her. All of her friends telling her it's never going to happen, will she follow her head, or her heart?

Taken: Vanessa has always been under the spotlight, but she isn't a singer, dancer, or anything along those lines. She has been dating One Direction's Zayn Malik, for the past two years. Zayn has been on and off with her forever, but when she meets up with an old flame, who will she end up with in the very end?

Comment which you would read.
Any opions would be great :)
I will be writing my story on THIS account, and NOT xochaarlotteexoo_stories.


I really can't stop thinking about you.

Girl : What's your name?
Amy: Fat Amy
Girl: You call yourself Fat Amy? 
Amy: Yeah so b!+ches like you don't do it behind my back.


I'm gonna be a big


my stepmom is having a baby (:

Happy Birthday
Niall James Horan

I hope you had the best birthday in the world. Thank you for inspiring me every day, to never give up what I want most. I love you so much Nialler, and I can't wait until we meet and get married(;

and now,
it's clear to me
(ain't always what it seems)



Babe, why are you so quiet? I invited you over so you can meet and talk to my parents, not stare at your food the whole night!

 Well the thing is... Today I went to CVS and I asked the pharmacy guy to help me find the best condoms for tonight..

I had no idea your dad was a pharmacist...



I'm a lier because i don't tell you everything. 
I'm stupid because sometimes I'm wrong.
I'm fat because I eat when I'm hungry.
I'm too nice so I'm fake.
I'm weird cause I'm not like you.
I'm ugly because my face isn't perfect.


Stop jumping to conclusions about me.


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