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Hey all! My name's Leah, I'm sixteen and I live in New York. Currently single. My family, friends and puppy mean the world to me! If you want to know anything just askk! <3

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I dated a boy for 14 months. And before that we had been best friends for 5 years. I swore he was the one. My family all loved him. My friends loved him. And he treated me like a princess. But along the way things began to change. Between me and him. We both tried to work through our problems but it wasn't working. I broke up with him three weeks ago. And it hurts...a lot. But this boy changed me; he changed me in ways he never should have. Girls? Don't ever change yourself for a guy...because now me and him are both heartbroken and alone.
I miss my best friend.

I don't want a relationship
like Noah and ally.
I want one like me and you.



That moment when you're boyfriend plays the guitar and sings outside your window. My life is complete. 


You're my favorite crayon,

in a world full of colors.




is kept until
someone better comes along.


Wish you stayed </3 Miss my bestfriend.



You risked your life to save others.
You are my hero.
I'm so glad you're still here with me, but many others aren't. Please pray for the innocent lives lost in 9/11. RIP. Lost but never forgotten

If she spends her nights on Witty,

She's too
GOOD for you, bro.

If she spends her nights on Witty,

She's too
GOOD for you, bro.




Ms. Rhonda

 Fly High in


You'll forever be


and missed.


n m f


I fell in love
with my
Best Friend