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Hey all! My name's Leah, I'm sixteen and I live in New York. Currently single. My family, friends and puppy mean the world to me! If you want to know anything just askk! <3

Quotes by xoleahmariexo

You said you were in pain and didn't want to talk to me
I'm in pain to; just a different kind.
You said you dont talk about me
Why are all these people telling me you do
You said you'd stay forever
Everyone lies
You said we were like sisters
Sisters love each other forever
You said we would always be best friends.
I wish.

Sticks and Stones
may break my bones

But words
will hurt me worse. 

My Girls

gave me an amazing night last night <3


Format credit to lilmisraej

Chasing you is like...
driving into a dead end,
knowing  it's going absolutely


High School
made me realize
who my true friends
I know I messed up


I wish I knew how to take my own

I have an invisible friend.
But you can see him. And You can talk to him. And you can hug him. And you can love him.
He's just invisible to me, just like I was once invisible to him.

One of my best friends, step- brothers was just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for him and his family. Stay Strong Robert <3

Baby, you're mine <33333

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