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hey i'm hayley. music is my life.

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A boy gave a challenge to his girlfriend to live a day without him. No communications at all and said that if she passed it, he'll love her forever. The girl agreed. She didn't text or call him the whole day, without knowing that his boyfriend had only 24 hours to live because he's suffering from cancer. She excitedly went to his boyfriend's house the next day. Tears fall as she saw her boyfriend lying on the coffin with a note on the side, saying, "You did it, baby. Now, can you do it everyday? I love you."

{ is a lyrical genius }


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Now a days, this is the description of every teenage girl.
They care too much about their appearance, they go looking for attention, they always say they're ugly just to hear those compliments.
Why every girl is this way? I don't understand. But i really hope this will change because girls don't deserve to be upset about themselves.

Be the change.


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The greatest pain

 that comes from love

is loving someone you
 can   never  have.

i never belived in second chances

untill i wanted one from youu.♥
oh i wish how everything was like
{ i t   u s e d   t o   b e ♥ }

trying is a waste of time,
you either
do it

or you

i live by these wordss♥
you b/r/o/k/e my heart

y o u   t o r e   i t   i n   t w o <//3

and yet i sit here

still loving you♥

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and when he's everything you want
you know he's everything you can't have..