Status: you make the rain fall because your so beautiful that its painful and you told me that your a angel but i already know what you came for .
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Hey I'm Gina kay :)

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Crap . I fell in love.
Hey, imma put this under famous ,
 maybe i'll actually get famus on witty, and get sooooooo many likes. Who knows maybe just maybe i'll get that omce quote to make me witty famous.
Hey i may not of been with him all his life but i sure the hell am gunna steal his heart and make him love me. <3

* I think sometimes we all need to go out into an empty field and just scream for about an hour.

hello human males, if you become friends with a girl with the intention of later becoming more than friends, don't you dare complain about her 'friendzoning you.' because she didn't do that; you girlfriendzoned her first and it's not fair to be mad at or insult her for not wanting to be in a relationship. becoming friends with someone for the single purpose of getting together with them later is kind of misleading and weird to begin with, actually, and if you act like her friend, she's going to see you like a friend??? because??? friends??? and if you continue to call her misogynistic names and feel like you're entitled to her nether regions then you're an even worse scumbag and i hope you never get a girlfriend because you really don't deserve one if you only treat girls well when they're behaving how you want them to..
I've got 99 problems and I really have more like 159.067 problems but I'm trying to sound cool by using jay z's song so like yeah.
While They All fall in love with his looks smile and wealth, he waits for the one who will fall in love with his scars..
 But if you ever get lonely and you miss me, 
If you need someone to listen. 
Even if it’s only the sound of someone’s voice who loves you 
If that you need to hear, you know where to find me . <3