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   Heyy my name isTaylaa!
       Well hello there people of earth. If your 
         reading this then you probaly want to 
          know about me. Okay....I love
           softball,One Direction,Justin bieber,
            Giraffes, and my best friends. (:
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Tumblr: babe-you-are-a-shooting-star
45 days left to deal with a bunch of idiots who think they are the bomb.com
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I wish I had friends :c
Being skinny doesn't always make you happy..
The more you ask me, the more I'm going to say no but good try hun!
I hope that you die. End of story. :)
I think I am the only girl that is upset about her body because she is too skinny. Please tell me if there are others..:)
No I don't love you.