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HEY HEY! My name is Savannah. I'm 13 years of age and I am so childish it's ridiculous. I love music and I like to play sports. Back to the music part I like to make music and listen to it. I play piano, violin, and I love to sing. I like music from all sorts of people, especially OneRepublic, The Script, Imagine Dragons, One Direction, Little Mix,  Adele, and a bunch of random artists that I just like a few songs from. Ummmm I love to talk and have fun so I'm here for you. I follow back. SMILE EVERYBODY! 

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         I'm a piranha
The only reason I'm happy to get my braces back on is because I can do this again

If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that I tried mustard for the first time yesterday

That moment of betrayal when you see that Disney changed their logo

Okay I come on to witty for the first time in a couple months and now I just don't know what to do with myself like I see gifs what is happening to the natural order of the world make it stop no
f o r m a t | s k a t e r r u l e s 2 3

I wouldn't know what to do

If I got a boyfriend.

Like,what do they eat?

How often do they need to be walked?


Instead of saying 'LOL' we should say SFAMTISBIWFEFMTALA (Smiled for a minute then I stopped because it wasn't funny enough for me to actually laugh). It's more honest.


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People Say 
There are other fish in the sea  
But they don't realize:     
You were my sea.   


Brains are AWESOME
I wish everybody had one
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Tupper where is the fudging lid