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Fuck love. </3.

k so, hi, im carissa.                                     
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Quotes by zachysgrls911

♥ i wrote your name on paper,
[but by accident i threw it away. ]
i wrote your name on my hand,
but i washed it the next day.
i wrote your name in the sand,
[but the waves washed it away.]
i wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

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baby don't make a sound...
keep this a secret, before they sell us out. ♥

atching through windows,
you're wondering if I'm okay. ♥


Keep faith.

once it's lost, it's the end. ♥


A crack in the earth,
a crack in the sky.

 A crack of lightning,
a crack of light.

The pouring rain,
the shining stars.

She's left in pain,
with all these scars.

The cracks are wounds,
a broken heart.

The storm cries,
 she's on her own.

The bleeding earth,
the lonely girl.

She's not alone,
in the dark and in the rain.

She heals,
but the scars remain.

all mine. no jocking

Nothing     Is      Better     Than,

sitting on the porch.
watching the rain & lightning, listening to the thunder,
and for once, feeling


Everyone hates the rain.

but i don't.

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H  O  W,
could  you love a girl like me?