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You gradually get over the pain.
It doesnt go away,         not for a long time,
but it                   becomes easier to live with.
One morning you wake up
and he is not the first thing on your mind.
*& then a few months down the line
you    realize    you’ve     made     it     through
half the day without thinking of him.
Sometimes it takes months,      sometimes years,
but eventually you reach a point when
you only think about them              occassionally.
You manage to do this because you don’t see them,
you don’t hear about them, you try not to think about them.
& then you bump into them walking down the street,
or someone mentions their name...
and the memories come flooding back.
But memories also become less painful in time.
My Friend Just Called Me 
**and told me that the police**
**were locking up all the ugly people** 
**I'm afraid i have nothing to worry about**
But Umm...I Think You'd Better Run ='

all  miiiiine
    I like thunderstorms, because when i am upset i know that i can go outside and go under the rain and cry my eyes out, and no one wouldn't even notice or ask what's wrong because, it would be hidden by the cloudiness and rain coming from the sky. Its like the Thunder, lightening,and rain, understand me sometimes. It's crazy, how one kid could hurt you so badly, and they don't really care, they just go for someone else,and leave you to suffer all alone, by your self. No one is there for you to talk to because no one cares. && When that one boy ruined your life because he promised that you'll always be together forever, and he didn't keep the promise, it sucks. so you wait and wait, for the beautiful sunshine to drift away, and the rain come again and you go under it and let everything out, you scream on top of your lungs and say " I LOVED YOU" and " WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?", Think back, how well did he treat you? did he hold you when you where down, did he kiss you when you hurt yourself? or did he just stare into your eyes and say i love you as if he ment it? Well, i've made my decision. today, i will go my on way and take a break from those idiots and live in life, while being single && happy(:.

                                                               *'ll wait for the special one*

All Mine no stealing. you a can use if you want
------------------>Take  my  hand

We will make it through the dark nights
 w h e n l i f e g i v e s y o u l e m o n s . . . .
throw them back and show life that you have a *|t h o u s a n d|* reasons for it to give you
diamonds     <3

all miineee <3 commennnt/favoriitteee iff u liikee iitt :)

Yesterday I was in a public restroom and was going to wash my hands. I put my hands under the first sink, nothing. The second, nothing, even the thrird, no water would come out. On the fourth I realized it was not an automatic sink.
&+ i am the kinof girl ;
who never knew that hanger tops moved [:

Were you ever...
single for soo long
that you just want a [[boyfriend]]
so he can tell you >he loves you<?
-->>me too<<--

make it pretty?
sometimes we dont get along
&other times we cant s t a n d eachother
but the thing is no matter how many
stupid fights we get into we always forgive
eachother and whenever one of us needs a
shoulder to cry on we're always there.
we dont really t a l k as much as we use to
and we dont have sleepovers like every weekend
but we still tell eachother anything&everything!
i am a l w a y s here for you no matter what!
i l o v e y o u<3 &dont ever forget that!
Thanks for everything<3*

to my lovie dovie; kaylaa1140
sitting here and listening to the rain, brings back memories of all that pain.
whenever you laughed my heart would die, because you'd never get how i feel inside.
the splashing of raindrops reminds me of my tears, which makes me think of all my fears.
this storm reflects how i feel about you, but you can hear the thunder and not...

[i love you...]

sorry this isnt cute and colorful... not in that kind of mood
mine, venting
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