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why is love what [every]
{girl} wants but what
[every] (guy) pushes aside

badd colors. read the quote,
don't judgee:)
i fell for you, i didnt expect to fall that hard.
maybe i fell for you because;
of the way you said you loved me
or because you always told me how i meant the world
or maybe from all those songs you wrote for me that meant so much
or just because you were so different from every other guy out there.
and maybe i was just too caught up in the lies, i never really thought that;
when you said you loved me and i meant the world you would be saying that to several other girls
and maybe when you wrote them songs that they would be nothing but a lie, and you would send them to other girls and let them believe the same bullshit as i did
and maybe just maybe i was absolutley, positively wrong because you turned out to be exactly who i thought you
wouldnt be.
so tell me darling do you
wish we'd fall in love ?
all the time
ll the time

owl city - the saltwater room;
They say there's always that one person you will never get over ,
Well , guess what puddin' pop ...
You just happen to be that person .
Don't you feel special ?

I'll add colors later
just had to write this down .
mine :)
there is a lie inside 
every time that you 
believe him

so please, let him go, because you're
worth the truth 
why is daddy hitting you?
why are you crying?
why is blood falling from your face?
why is daddy yelling at you?
why is daddy yelling at me?
why is there chaos in the house?
why is daddy holding his hand over your mouth?
why is there a police man taking me away?
why is there still fighting?
why is the officer taking daddy away?
why are you not moving?
why are you not talking?
why are you not breathing?
why did they carry you with a sheet covering your head?
why is everyone here wearing black?
why was i forced to watch your final moments?

domestic violence is something a witness may remember for their whole life,
and kids will not forget, and they will never forgive. ask your self,
is it worth it?
-herd about it on the
news, what a horrible
thing. sorry if it saddens
anyone, just thought i'd
put it on here to make a
point. favor if it did.
 Ready to Jump 14

We went inside his house, and I put on his hockey jersey and a pair of his boxers. I decided my hair would just have to stay wet, so I put it up in a messy bun. I walked into his room without knocking, and then I noticed he was only in boxers. 
"Sorry," I said giggling and blushing.
"It's alright. It's not like I'm naked."
"Oh okay, well then if it doesn't bother you never mind." I said. I walked in and sat on the small couch that was near the window of his room. It was still pouring out, and the sky looked was really gray. I looked back at Bryson, and he was just staring at me. He still wasn't wearing a shirt, and I was staring. I looked away because I could feel my cheeks blushing again. He laughed at me and went over to his closet. He came back out with one of his sweatshirts on and sat by me.
"There, I put on a sweatshirt for you."
"I never said I didn't like it." I said giggling.
"You're adorable."
"And you amaze me."
"Good." He smiled at me and I stuck out my tongue at him playfully.
"Bryson Drew Carter, I love you."
"Jessa Ray Richards, I love you."
I laughed and started playing with his long hair.
"You know what?"
"What babe?"
"Your hair kinda looks like Justin Bieber's."
"Oh my God, do not say that. That kid is soo-"
"Don't go there Bry. I love you, but Justin's the man."
"That's exactly what I want to here from my girlfriend."
"I know." I said. I kissed him on the cheek, and he got up and grabbed my hand.
"Let's get something to drink."
We walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I jumped on his back while he opened the fridge and pulled out Mountain Dew. He knew I could love off of that stuff. He took out two glasses and filled them up all while me still on his back.
"Okay, Jessa time to get off my back."
"Well it's either me or the Mountain Dew?"
I quickly jumped his back and grabbed the glass. I started drinking it, and he just stared at me.
"I see that you love Mountain Dew more than me? Great."
"Well, Mountain Dew is sooo good."
"Yeah, well I'm better."
"Oh really, is that so?"
He nodded and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. He ran into the living room and threw me on the couch. He jumped on top of me, and I was laughing my head off. He started kissing me all over my cheeks and lips.
"Now am I better?"
"Okay fine, you win."
He got off of me and I sat up. We stared into each other's eyes for awhile. Then we sat back on the couch, and he put his arm around me. I rested my head on his chest and soon enough, I fell into a deep sleep. 

today wafairytale.


It just became apparent to me that

| I was wrong | I am wrong | I will always be wrong |
A  N  D       I      C  A  N  T       D  O       I  T      A  N  Y  M  O  R  E
I  can't  go  on  knowing  I've hurt the people I love,
making  the  same  mistakes  over  and  over  again,
and   losing  the  few  things  that   actually   matter.
I    can't  take   knowing  how  my  innocent  words
can break so many people. I can't take the moments
where   I   realize   the   [ d a m a g e ]   I've   done.
It  hurts  too  much  to  know.  I am a perfectionist,
and   I   can't   take  the  fact   that  I'm   imperfect.
Honestly,  it's not  because  I want  to  be  the  best.
It's  because,  in  reality,   I  have  a  lot  of  regrets.
Little  regrets of  little  things that I've  done  wrong.
But there are too many,  and I know I'll never learn.
I can't  take another regret,  another missed  chance,
another  person I  love hurt by me.  I feel too guilty.
My  conscience will not,  it can  not leave  me alone.
                I'm  just  never  good enough  and  I  never  will  be.               

I can't be good enough for anyone else,           
           when I'm not even good enough for me.

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