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Life is not a Race, but we still continue the Chase and try to be an Ace. It’s time to get out of this Maze and Truly Live with Grace.-RVM 
"What's the point in gasping for air...
                                 ...when I don't even want to breathe?"

I can honestly say I've never felt this awful in my life before. I couldn't look at you without crying my eyes out...knowing how mad I made you. I like to please people so it hurts me to see loved ones upset and I care so much that it hurts so much. I can't even look myself in the mirror, just looking at myself makes me mad again. I can change things, I've done it before of course I can do that again. I'll find a new way to manage, I know I will.
"No one sees all the pain she brings everywhere she goes..."
~Memphis May Fire

Just because I don't react,
doesn't mean I didn't notice.

Quiet people have
the loudest minds.

When I send a message like  "Haha XD"
my face is usually actually like  ".-."

      LAST ONE.

Having a bad day and lashing out doesn't make you a bad person. But having a bad day and lashing out and apologising later on when you've calmed down doesn't make you a bad person either.

He put it on me,
I put it on,
like there was nothing wrong.
It wasn't right,
it didn't fit,
it wasn't just the size.
They say 'You know when you know'...I don't know.
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