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I love the way he can always make me laugh, even at the stupidest

               he can always make me laugh, even at the stupidest things. The way he wears sweat pants, and still looks amazing. The way he argues with me over things that don’t matter. The way he makes fun of me. The way he lets me tease him back. The way that I can tell him everything, and I know it will stay a secret. The way he tells me his secrets, too. The way he understands me. The way we like the same things. The way we disagree on things. The way he loves music just as much as I do. The way he makes braces look adorable. The way he makes everyday better, just by being around. The way he holds my hands when I say they're cold. The way he makes me feel when I’m with him. The way he can make me feel even when I just think of him. The way I want him more than anything in the world.

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posted November 9, 2010 at 6:06pm UTC tagged with love

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