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I bet your a teenage girl from the age of 11-18. You're thinking

I bet your a teenage girl from the age of 11-18. You're thinking about him, just like every other second in the day. Your left hands on your face and you're wearing a hair tie on your wrist. You think your fat and ugly but your honestly not. You wanna punch at least one person in the face right now. You have facebook, youtube, witty, formspring and maybe even tumblr open. Youre procastanating. You miss your best friend. You hate Rebecca Black and Jenna Rose. You want to grow up faster. And wondering ''where the hell is summer?'' Your breaking deep deep inside. You picture your wedding with him. Yea i bet your a teenage girl.


hottrackstah07 1 decade ago
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.....stop stalkinng me, this is creeepy(:
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sexxyjerseyshoregirl01 1 decade ago
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soo true i looked at my wrist to find a hair tie!
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xirishbabeex4 1 decade ago
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this is freakishly accurate
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