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/♥/ Perfect NightMare \♥\ Chatper 4 Skyler's

/♥/ Perfect NightMare \♥\

Chatper 4
Skyler's P.O.V
please read the bottom please , before you start reading ! thank you (:

It was finally lunch time
I waited in line graved my lunch and awkwardly sat down at an empty table
I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, after what happened in English class with Austin
I was silently eating my lunch alone when I felt someone brush up against me
I looked up
Austin was sitting to the right of me
I smiled
“Hello beautiful “he said smiling from ear to ear
I nodded
“Hi “I said back quietly
“Is everything alright?” he asked his smile disappearing
I looked down and nodded
“Do you walk home?” he asked in a low tone
“Yes, I don’t live to far from here” I said looking up
“Would you like to go get some ice-cream with me at Al’s after school then ill pick you up at 7 for our date , I can be our predate?”
I laughed; Al’s was the best ice-cream shop in our small town
I smiled and nodded
“Great” he said finally smiling
The bell rang
I had Math next, with Austin
“Shall we go to math class?” Austin said getting up extending his arm out as if we were going to a ball like in Cinderella
I smiled as he helped me up from the table
We threw away our lunch and headed to math class
While we were walking to math class every once in a while Austin would brush his hand on mine
And it would make me blush uncontrollably as I got a tingling sensation at the tip of my figures
 “Tonight is going to be amazing” I thought to myself as we got to math class

 Helloo (: i am so sorry i havent written in soooooooooo long !
i sort of lost insperation to keep writing this story & i felt not alot of people read it , so i gave up , so sorry to the people who actually did read it and liked it , ! i promise to keep writing again (: i am back for good , i will try to write as much as i possibly can from time to time , i have been busy with school stuff tooo so i really couldnt write much. but i am back (: once again I AM SO SORRRY ! 
thank you for reading (: i hope you enojy the story , 
feedback ?
fav ? 
comments ?


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jenna211 1 decade ago
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keep writing!!..please..?(:
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