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It's nice to know how inconsiderate most of you are. Someone

It's nice to know

how inconsiderate most of you are.

Someone posts a quote that's

been on Witty 4345386 times

before & ends up being on top


Then when someone makes a

quote, like I did, about

someone who suffered cancer

twice & unfortunately

couldn't fight anymore & I

got 3. Way to show how much

you care.

& I wasn't just asking for

faves or comments, just for

people to know how strong he

was & so people knew about




wittyspaz 1 decade ago
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or maybe we didn't see the quote
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StarryMysteries 1 decade ago
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I know it's wrong that it happens but witty isn't a place to get favs. You posted about someone with cancer. You vented and that's all that should matter. This site isn't about favs. He was strong we realize. Actually, no one can put themselves in his place. Maybe this just isn't the place to put him out there since nowadays this place seems to be flooding with 1D and love and stuff
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shadysback 1 decade ago
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clearly you were looking for faves if u had to post this quote.
and maybe some people just didnt see the quote.
so chill and stop blaming everyone
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posted May 20, 2012 at 7:53pm UTC tagged with vent

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