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Summer bucketlist; 2012 1. Get an amazing tan. 2. Meet new friends.

Summer bucketlist; 2012
1. Get an amazing tan. 2. Meet new friends. 3. Ask a random hot guy for their number. 4. Pull an all-nighter. 5. Spend the whole weekend with my best friend. 6. Sneak out. 7. Run 100 miles. (Did it last summer, wanna do it again) 8. Fall in love. 9. Hang out with hot guys on the beach. 10. Grow my hair really long. 11. Watch movies all day for a day. 12. Paint every nail a different color. 13. Paint a picture. 14. Make a friendship bracelet and never take it off. 15. Have lots of parties. 16. Spend a whole day without going on witty or facebook. 17. Go to the mall with my friends. 18. Go to an amusement park with my friends. 19. Get my second holes pierced. 20. Call someone from witty and just talk to them for a while. 21. Meet someone from witty. 22. Go on a 6-8 mile run. 23. Learn how to do something new. 24. Get better at basketball. 25. Ignore all text messages for a day. 26. Go camping. 27. Eat nothing but healthy foods for a day.

I might add more but Im tired and can't think of anymore!

- If you have ideas, comment!-
At the end of the summer I'll cross off all the ones I completed!

Format/idea credit to jayciecutie01

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TarBear9697 1 decade ago
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I have a lot of these on mine too!
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