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Rues Story The hunger games. Chapter 2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I

Rues Story
The hunger games.
Chapter 2.
I Almost Fainted. I'd Been Chosen to Go into The Games. I felt like Running Away, and Hiding in Daisys Shed.

"Dont Be Afraid, Come on Deary!"Ida Said in her squeeky Voice "I wont bite". I walked Up On The Stage and Ida asked For Voulenteers, I was Glad Maria was too young to Voulenteer I knew she would've. Ida Moved on To The Boys. "Thresh McElwee". I knew Him and I felt like Dying when I saw how Tall he was. He was Strong. Not Very Friendly. Deadly. I knew I didnt have a chance But I'd have to try My Best and Not go down with out a Fight. Ida Made Us Go Into The Justice building and we Waited a Visit from our Familys. Mama, Pappah, and Maria Were The Only ones Aloud in. "Oh Rue!" Cried Maria as she put her arms around me and Mama and Papahs Arms quickly Followed. "Its Ok, Really Im Ok" I said Trying to Be Brave. We Were Given 3 Minutes. We Done a Lot of Hugging and Comforting. "Rue, Listen to Me Are you listening?" Said Papah Fighting Back the Tears "I want you to Know we all love you very Much, All of us! We Love you and While your in the Games Just Think of us!". Mama gave me a hug and Kissed me on the Cheek "I love you Rue, and I always will" Mama and Papa stood back and Maria hugged me also and Pressed Her Wooden Star Necklace into My Hand. "Take it Rue, I want you to Remember me when Your sad" She said concerned. The PeaceKeeper Said They Had to go and The Game me one More Tight Squeeze and Left in Tears. I Wish I could've Lived I thought. We Were Rushed to The Car that took us to the Train. Thresh Looked as If he wasnt Crying at all. He looked Like Nothing was Happening. I was sure he was just being Brave and didnt want to look like a wimp. We Walked Past all the Cameras and Entered the Train. The Train was amazing! Enough Food to feed my Family and Daisy for a Year or more! Ida Told us to wait and she'd get the mentor to come talk to us. Sybil Abbot Our Mentor who won The 63rd Hunger games. Our Youngest Victor so Far who won at Age 15 One of The Many Youngest Victors. "Hello Congratulations" Said Sybil Looking Us Up and Down "I'm Sybil Abbot I'll be your Mentor" She smiled at us. Thresh Nodded at her and Ida Came in and Said Dinner was Served. Dinner Was A soup of some Green Mush That Tasted Like Peas That we had one Harvest, There was some sort of Lamb and Little Vegetables and Chocolate Fudge Cake. It was all so Amazing. I Savored Every Bite. We went into another room with a Huge Screen and watched the reapings of all the Districts. I felt like Just Killing myself. All the Career Tributes Were so Vicious Especially The Scary Boy from 2. One Girl Caught My Eye from twelve. The Woman who was Talking in the Programme Started Crying at the Sacrifice she made. She had voulenteered for her 12 year old sister. Ida Rushed us to bed and Told us we would be in the Capitol early tomorrow. I went to bed and Dreamed about what Horrors the Gamemakers were going to have installed for us...



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Thanks :)
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Giving rue's story is a great idea, she's one of the characters eveyone wants to know more about, Great idea!!
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