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One Of The Guys Prologue

One Of The Guys

My palms were sweating as I entered the coach’s office.
The hot, sticky June air didn’t really help my sweating since the AC was turned off in the summer.
Slack, the coach of the boys’ soccer team, had agreed to meet with my coach, Coach L, and I.
Soccer is my life.
live, breathe, and sweat soccer.
I’ve been playing since I was 3 – no joke.
No one understands the sport like I do.
I’m fully dedicated to soccer, nothing could ever mess me up.
Not boys, not schoolwork, not even my social life.
My best friends, Cassidy and Sydney, play on the girls’ team.
Slack looked up from his paperwork when Coach L and I entered the office. “Hali Goodman? You wanted to see me?”
Slack’s loud British accent echoed off of his office walls.
“Yes, that’s me, and yes, I do.” I said confidently.
“What do you two need?” He motioned at my coach.
“Well, I would like to know if I could join the boys’ team in the upcoming fall.”
“She’d be a great addition, she scores almost every goal and is very dedicated to the sport.” My coach added.
“How will the girls’ team be affected?”
“Well, there’s the incoming freshman, maybe I’ll get lucky and get a great player.”
“Well, I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you go through training with the boys throughout the summer and participate in all of the practices. I’ll give you a deadline of September 6th - the first day of school. If I see you do well then, you can join the Booker T Washington Senior High School tornadoes for real – do we have a deal, Goodman?”
A wave of relief ran through my body knowing that I had even a sliver of a chance.
“Deal. Just think of me as if I'm one of the guys.”

*hope you like it! sorry it's boring, it gets better, i promise :) feedback, please xoxox


TarBear9697 1 decade ago
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My birthday is September 6th :)
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Erica_213 1 decade ago
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hey can you notify me when the next chapters come up, i can tell this is gonna be a great story! (:
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