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Love Never Dies //32// {{Channing}} Dear Channing, I love you.

Love Never Dies

Dear Channing, 
I love you. Never forget that. You've been amazing to me these few months and I don't regret anything. Go have a look at the CD now, you mean the world to me. 
Love Arianna. 
I sighed, putting the video into the DVD player and sat on the couch. Arianna came into view and smiled, weakly. I missed her so much. 
''Hey Channing!'' she said in a cheery voice. ''So I just came into the hospital a week ago and I know I'm not going to make it. I guess it's just my time to leave. I love you. I love you so much it's not funny. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't see you that day at the lake. Sometimes I wonder what would happen to us if I didn't have cancer. I wonder if we'd get married, or if we'd have kids. When I was younger I had always dreamt about meeting my prince charming and I did… Tell me my family not to be upset. I'm in a better place now and I'm watching you from above. Find a nice girl that makes you happy, have a family with her and make sure you treat her right. I'm going to miss you so much but I know, when you're old and grey… you'll come and we'll meet once again but not for a very, very long time. I wish I didn't have cancer. When I'm gone don't be all upset and stuff, be happy 'cause I was here. I love you Channing and now you're going to come in the room, so I have t-'' 
''Rianna?'' I heard myself call out, entering the room. Arianna hid the camera somewhere. 
''How are feeling?''
''Good, can you go get me a nurse so I can ask her something?''
''Sure, are you alright?''
''Yup, love you.'' 
''Love you too.'' I exited the room. 
''Bye! I love you Channing!'' and the the TV went black. 
Tears fell down my cheek and I called Ariannas number. ''Hey! You've reacher Arianna! Leave a message and I'll get b- haha Channing stop!'' I don't know why I hoped she'd answer the phone but I just did. 
A week has passed, today is Arianna's funeral. I put on a black suit but the button up top underneath was a purple- Arianna's favourite colour. Today everything was just so gloomy. I got into my car and drove to her funeral. Everybody was there, inside the church. Her school friends and family. ''Channing,'' Liam said. 
''Come sit up front with us,'' he said. I left from where my family was and took a seat next to Jamie who was looking at his lap, sadly.
''Did you have a look at the video?'' Nicole asked. I hadn't talked to her much in the past week, actually I haven't talked to any one much. 
''Y-yeah…'' Nicole was wearing a black dress but it had a purple bow on it and Jamie was wearing a purple tie. The funeral started, Jamie and Nicole both said a speech. 
''Aria was the most amazing friend, ever. She'd always be there for us and right now she'd want us to be happy…'' Nicole finished. It was raining outside, as if the sky was crying because Arianna was gone. I was supposed to say a speech next, Mrs Sky said 'Aria would have wanted it.' I got up, shaking and opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I didn't actually think that it was possible for me to cry because I'd cried so much this past week but tears fell. 
''Ariann-'' I started but couldn't continue. I took a big breathe. ''Arianna was amazing, she would always be there for you and she was the most beautiful, smartest, perfect girl I have ever met. She'll be missed, I can tell you that. Like Nicole said, Arianna would have wanted us to be happy. She said to me in a video, 'when I'm gone don't be upset and stuff, be happy 'cause I was here.''' I had watched that video heaps of times. ''Arianna will be missed terribly, I love you baby,'' I said the last bit quietly but I knew everybody heard. Soon it came the part where we'd say our final good byes. I watched as everyone went. Nicole, then Jamie, Liam and then her parents. I was the only person who hadn't. I walked up to Arianna's casket. She was in the dress she had worn for prom and looked like an angel. On her hand she had the ring I gave her.
I said those three little words that I'd never be able to say to her face again, ''I love you, Rianna.'' 

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 I know the letter didn't say much but anyway... This is the last chapter! The epilogue will be up soon, hopefully  
Teaser:'Arianna Sky Aged 18 Beloved daughter, friend and lover' 


well_hello_there_ 1 decade ago
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i cried :')
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i almost started crying!ahahha :)
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MorganLeighhh 1 decade ago
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I'm crying , this story is the best one by far
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Karrieson 1 decade ago
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this is so terribly sad x,(
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notify me please!!
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awh:/ please notify me.
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Apage 1 decade ago
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I have cried probably the last 3 or 4 chapters.its so sad but i really love it.
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linabinabae 1 decade ago
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You just love making me cryy :'( reminder plz
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soccerfreak99 1 decade ago
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ok dude. its not funny anymore. i was crying reading this.
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JuniorMint801 1 decade ago
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:'( you should get this story published!
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omg D':
reminder please
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crying sooo sad cant wait for the very very end
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You just love making me cry don't you??? Notify me please!
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specialchild 1 decade ago
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i was crying while reading the last few chapters ): please notify me
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*crying* notify me please
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