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Second Chance // Chapter 28 "So, how was Thanksgiving break?"

Second Chance //

Chapter 28

"So, how was Thanksgiving break?" Lauren asked. The girls and I were by our lockers.
"It was.... interesting." I replied.
"Interesting? What happened?" Bonnie asked.
"Oh, I bet Brett gave you a kiss!" Stella squealed.
"No, he did not give me a kiss." I assured her.
"Something must have happened. Come on, it was a 5 day vacation!" Emma remined.
"Can we stop talking about this?" I asked.
As we were walking, my foot got caught on something and I fell to the floor, along with my books.
"Oops, I didn't see you there." Taylor said sarcastically.
"It must have been the rays of your ego." Layla retorted.
"Do you have anything better to do then being jealous of Melissa?" said Emma.
The girls helped me pick up my books.
"Where is Katy? Did you both get in a fight? Talk to aunty Stella." Stella said sarcastically.
"Oh, shut up. Katy is over there." Taylor pointed behind us. Katy was flirting with Brett. Brett was clearly annoyed.
I laughed as Brett tried to brush Katy off.
"Katy makes herseld s." Lauren said, still laughing.
"Let's just go girls." I suggested.
We walked away, towards to where the boys were.
The girls greeted their boyfriends, meanwhile I said my hellos to the guys as well.
"Have you girls seen Brett?" Ryan asked.
"Yes, and poor Brett. Katy is torturing him." Layla sighed. We all laughed at that reply.
Brett started walking to our group. "Oh my god, why can't Katy just leave me alone? I try to tell her in the nicest way possible that I'm not interested in her, but she just doesn't seem to get the message." Brett complained.
'How many times had she asked you out? Like 1o times?" Brandon teased.
"I think more like 13 or 14 times." Timmy answered.
"I feel bad for you." Stella said, patting Brett on the shoulder.
"Thanks, pity is exactly what I need." Brett said sarcastically.

We began walking through the hallways.
"Did you patch things up with your dad yet?" Brett whispered to me.
"Yeah." I whispered back.
"Um, sorry to interupt your conversation, but we have to get to class now." Stella said, pulling me.
Later that day, I went to my last period class, science. We were taking a test and it took me a little longer than usual, so I finished the test a little bit after class. When I walked out of class, I didn't see the girls. They probably thought I left. I guess I'll just have to walk. When I was about to leave the school, the boy's locker room door opened. I searched for Brett through a crowd of football players and cheerleaders.
"Brett!" I called out.
Brett looked around trying to find the source of my voice. Brett waved and smiled at me.
"Hey." he said.
"Brett, would you like to do a good deed for your local neighbor?" I said, putting my hands on my hips.
Brett raised and eyebrow. "And what would that be?"

"Can you give me a ride home?" I asked.
Brett chuckled. "Sure. Let's go."
Brett and I walked to Brett's car. I felt people staring at us. Brett started driving away from the school.
"Oh Melissa."
"What?" I said, confused.
"You do realize that the cheerleaders probably want to murder you right now, right?" Brett said.
"What did I do?"
"They're jealous of you."
"Why?" I asked, confused.
"The whole football team and cheerleadering team pretty much knows that we're neighbors now. And obviously girls would envy you since you're getting a ride home from the awesome Brett Knight." Brett said, as if it was really obvious.
"What is there to be jealous of?" I asked.
Brett chuckled. "You are so clueless when it comes to these type of things."
I smacked him on the arm. "Hey."
We both started laughing as Brett pulled up to his driveway.
"What, no escort?" I said sarcastically.
"I would be glad to escort the lovely Melissa."  Brett walked over to my door and opened it. He then took my hand.
I couldn't help it but laugh. Brett made my day.
"Oh wait, I forgot the big finish." Brett added.
"What big-" Brett cut me off when he lifted me bridal style.
I was laughing the whole way back to my door. But the door was already opened, and there stood my dad.

 a lot of you guys been asking me to keep posting another chapter twice a day. but i cant always post chapters twice a day because then the story would end sonner, so yeah. :/ Comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. 50+ faves for the next chapter? (:


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