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Runaway ~*~Chapter 1~*~ I knew that there was a lot that I had


~*~Chapter 1~*~


I knew that there was a lot that I had to do in order to run. First of all, I needed a destination.

“Well, duh,” I said out loud to myself in my room. “Colorado.” My life dream included moving to Colorado, so that’s where I wanted to go. That’s where I decided to go. Now I just need some supplies, a departure date, and a note. I was dreading the last thing, so I kept it for last.

My younger sister, Jess, was at her friend’s house for the day, so I had all day to plan and collect supplies. I decided that all I really needed was my sleeping bag, two sweatshirts, a change of clothes, a flashlight, a water bottle, a lighter, money, and some food. I found an old backpack of mine that I could stuff a lot of things into, and placed most of what I needed in it. I left the bag in the middle of the dining room, and walked back up the stairs.

I went to my sock drawer, and pulled out my purple and green monkey socks. I opened them up, and grabbed what fell out, my ATM card. Mom always said that it was for emergencies only, and this was an emergency. I needed money if I was going to make it to Colorado alive.

I finally decided that I had everything I needed. Now I just had to write a note for my family. I sat down at the back table with a few pieces of paper and a pen.

To Mom, Daniel, and Jess;

I’m so sorry, but I need to leave. I’m going to run, and just keep on going until I reach where I plan on going. Don’t try looking for me; I’ll hate you if you find me. I’ll leave again. Nobody knows about this, and no one needs to. I’ll come home when I’m ready, or when I want to. If you never hear from me again, then that’s just too bad for you. Sorry.


I folded up the paper, and thought long and hard about where I should put it. I finally decided to tape it to the inside of a cabinet door. I chose the right door on the cabinet where we put all of the cups because no one ever opens it.

I took one last, long look around the house then walked out the front door.


Author's Note:

What would you rather see next?

1.) What Tessa does after she runs.


2.) How her mom reacts when she finds out.

Let me know, because I'll be tallying up the votes at ten tomorrow morning, and then starting chapter two. Whichever doesn't get chosen, will be chapter three. So you pick, Mom now, Tessa later? Or vice versa. Feedback would be amazing!!

Yes, this chapter is short. The next few may be short, as well. Once the story starts to pick up, the chapters will get longer. Don't you worry your pretty little heads.

Yeah, I notify, but I will only notify twenty people, so be fast, and let me know before all the spots are taken. Thanks Lovelies!

There are only fifteen more spots available. I am currently notifying:






Oh, and by the way, the prologue is actually my life story. Every last word of it is true, except for the last two sentences.


codababy37 1 decade ago
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Okay, so since everyone is saying the mother's reaction first, that's what I'm writing. I'm working on it now. It should be up later tonight sometime!
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samjam 1 decade ago
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Moms reaction first then where Tessa is
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fiesty1 1 decade ago
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reminder please!! and her families reaction first please!!
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xochaarlotteexoo_stories 1 decade ago
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I think you should have the family's reaction first, than what Tessa does next!(:
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