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*My bestfriend and boyfriends chat on Facebook talking about

*My bestfriend and boyfriends chat on Facebook talking about me*

Her: Aawss, you do know I will be showing her all this?

Him: Well if she is going to see this make sure she sees this. I can't describe in words how lucky I am to have you. The way you make me feel even just seeing a picture of you, your beautiful<3 you accept my imperfections, (which is a lot) and even when I screw up we always get through it. Everytime I see you I feel better than ever before, I swear I am the luckiest boy in the world. I look at you and i get lost in your eyes, i wish i was always with you so i could always hold you in my arms. You're my bestfriend not just my girlfriend and hopefully one day it can be more. Stay strong beautiful, one day you will see what Me and everyone else sees and your incurities and ed's will go. You are perfect for me just the way you are, I love you x

Her: Wow.

*true story*

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