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Moments In Time Chapter TwentyThree I can’t believe this

Moments In Time

Chapter TwentyThree
I can’t believe this happening. I ran into my favorite uncle’s opening arms. I felt the tears fall down my face and I was sobbing. I turned to the judges before lifting the microphone up to my mouth.
“Thank you so, so much” I choked out
“Consider it an early birthday present from your favorite judge” Simon winked and I walked off stage holding my uncle in a side hug. I walked into the contestant’s room where Louis and Izzy stopped fighting over whatever it is they fight about and came running over.
“UNCLE TWIST” They both screamed. Before he moved to America, Twist would babysit us all the time. My uncle eyes widened as two 17 year olds came running towards him.
“Hey Weasel! Hey Wolf!” He said being forced into a group hug. Twist had nicknamed all of us. I was Mouse since I was so small when I was little and squeaked a lot, Izzy was Weasel because she was always into something or planning something, and Louis was Wolf since he resembled a wolf when he was younger. Trust me if you saw his hair when he woke up it would make sense.
“Uncle Twist this is Niall Horan, Izz- I mean Weasels boyfriend” I said and Izzy shot me a look while the rest of the boys freaked out. “ANYWAY, This is my EX boyfriend, Harry Styles. And my best friends Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Cher Lloyd” Harry got a very annoyed look on his face but his expression changed quickly when Twist stood up a little straighter. Something you should know about Twist, He wasn’t the smallest man. He was around 6’11” and huge. When I say huge I mean PURE MUSSELL. To me,Izzy and Louis he was a giant Teddybear but to everyone else he was a very scary guy.
“So why did I never know about this- HES THE ONE YOUR LAST SHOW WAS ABOUT” Twist said with it suddenly clicking in his mind.
“Harry. If you enjoy your life, I would run” Louis said and Harry disappeared before Twist looked over.
“The kid realizes I work for government that I am trained to detect movement and paths right? And I have a ex-Marine boss who I swear levitates because none of us can ever hear us coming?” Izzy, Louis and I laughed while the rest of the boys looked like they were about to pee themselves.  
“So Uncle Twist, What are you doing out here?” Louis asked
“Simon flew me out so I didn’t have to miss my nieces 17th birthday!” He said ruffling my hair
“Eh eh eh not the hair” I said whining and trying to wrestle out of Twist’s grasp. Of course my plan failed and it ended up with a wrestling match. It was me, Louis and Izz vs Twist. I think we all know who won that one. One by one everyone started drifting to sleep. I was still wide awake and catching up with my uncle.
“Hey Mouse, honey is there somewhere we can talk privately?”
“Sure!” I said leading him to my rehersal room.
“Can anyone hear us in here?”
“Nope, I’m the only one with the key and it’s soundproof”
“So What’s up Twist?”
“I need to talk to you about one of the major reasons I needed to come here”
“I figured it wasn’t for my birthday”
“I wish I could have done it just for your birthday. I was allowed a few days off to see family before we finished off this case”
“What’s the case?” I said getting scared
“We are wrapping up a case of a terrorist named Ari. Gibbs, My boss, has become obsessed with finding him. We tracked him to arrive in America in 3 days time. We have to find him and we have to kill him or imprison him”
“Why were you allowed to see family before?” I asked not really wanting the answer. Twist took a deep breath.
“DiNozzo, Gibbs and I are going after him while McGee keeps a GPS location on him and Abby works out any last second details. I have to protect Gibbs because he is Ari’s biggest threat. Mouse honey, I might not come out of this case… Living..”
“He is dangerous and he knows exactly what he’s doing. I know what I am getting into with this and I really wish I didn’t have to do this. I have to take the sacrifice. For my country. For You.”
“But your all I have left of him” I said between sobs
“I know you miss your dad honey but I have to do this. Please just try to understand”
“I get it.”
“Good” He wrapped me into a hug “I love you Jazz”
“I love you too Uncle Twist”
“I gotta get back to my hotel. Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow”
“Goodnight” I said giving him a final hug. I went straight to bed where I fell asleep instently. I began having nightmares that someone was going to kill me. I woke myself up and was scared to fall back asleep. I instinctively went into One Direction’s room. I climbed into Louis’ bed where he woke up.
“Yeah..” I whispered and he put his arm around me and fell back asleep. What would I do without a best friend like him?
The next morning I had a very rude awakening.
“IS THAT A GIRL IN LOUIS’ BED?!” Harry screamed
“Shh! Harold I swear to god if you wake her up” Louis snapped
“Who is it lad?” Liam asked
“It’s me. So shut up or I will personally make you wet the bed tomorrow” I said angerlly and tried to fall back asleep.
“Psh I doubt it” Niall said obviously asking for a challenge and the rest of the boys, except Louis agreed.
“Boys. Don’t test her”
“Too bad”
“Challenge accept” I smiled and gave up sleeping.
“Oh and Mouse?” Louis said using my uncles name for me, the first time in a long time.
“Yeah Wolfie?”
“Happy Birthday”

Authors Note
Whoever can guess the NCIS character Twist is based on I will follow, Favorite a bunch of your quotes and give you a shout out. I want to see who gets it. A hint is: Its a girl
What should happen with Twist's mission?


miserymary 1 decade ago
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Its kate todd she get shot in the vest then she stands up and shes fine but the. Ari shoots her in the head & her place is taken by aris sister ziva
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Melina DiMambro is bae* 1 decade ago
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Colette* 1 decade ago
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Uncle Twist is based on Kate Todd who blocks a bullet for Gibbs and is okay and when DiNozzo and Gibbs help her up she gets hot in the head.
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finding_nemo 1 decade ago
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I'm liking the NCIS characters hahahah
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Xxhotxxgothxxchickxx 1 decade ago
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Is it Kate Todd from NCIS
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RandomSmileyFace 1 decade ago
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i hope her uncle gets to mirically live :'(
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