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I wonder how a boy feels when he's in love. Do they get butterflies?Do

I wonder how a boy feels when he's in love.
Do they get butterflies?Do they have you on
their mind 24/7?Do they wait for you to come
online for hours?Do they smile at random
times at the thought of you?Do they miss you
all the time?Do they think about the smallest
things you say?

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FrankConnor 1 decade ago
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I'll answer for me, personally

I did not get butterflies, I had eagles in my stomach. I actually threw up once.
She was on my mind every single moment, and I could never wait to chat, write, text or talk to her in person. Every moment I wasn't in contact with her was excrutiating.
thinking about her often made me look goofy, at least according to my friends, and it were some of the happiest moments I had. Off course I missed her, and I tried to analyse every single word she spoke, syllable by syllable, hell I made puzzles with the words she used the most often, giving each letter a number, and then counting them up and substracting them until I reached zero.

What's the catch? well, I've written all that in PAST tense...
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