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If I tried to die tonight, would anyone actually care? Would

If I tried to die tonight,
would anyone actually care?
Would anyone fight to keep me here?
Would anyone try to stop me...?



queenmarie 1 decade ago
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I would.
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[deleted] 1 decade ago
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I care. Screw the people who don't care. I'm here for you!! I would fight for you, and anyone on this planet who needs it! I would try to stop you! This world is one hard place to get through. It's like all the 7 billion people are one big jigsaw puzzle! You can't finish the puzzle without one piece. Without you, the world wouldn't be complete
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heythereitskristy 1 decade ago
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Many people wouldn't care.
But I do.
If you need to talk, I'm here.
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lifewillbelife 1 decade ago
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everyone would care, life without anyone of us anywhere would be diffferent, for the worse.
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