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» JUST FRIENDS ♥ ( ( ( chapter 13 ) ) ) “So


chapter 13       )  )  )  


           “So basically you waited two months to tell me there’s going to be two more little home-wreckers running around, because apparently one of you wasn’t enough,” Shane snarled and stood up.
           “Shane!” his father was not going to let that slide. “Apologize to Heather now! You will not talk to her that way! God Shane, everything with you is a problem! Why, for once in your life, can’t you just do something right?! Corinne is thirteen and she’s more mature than you! You’re supposed to be the older brother who sets examples, but maybe you can really learn something from Corinne. How are you ever going to be a good role model for the babies?”
           “I’m not a role model! I don’t even want these kids! You’re the biggest f..cking hypocrite! You keep me isolated so I can’t go out because you found c..ndoms once yet you’re the one banging a sl..t thirteen years younger than you!”
           “NO! Don’t try to correct me or discipline me or act like you f..cking care! You don’t and we both know it! You f..cking left me, Corinne, and your own wife for Heather! Do you know how many times I had to step up and be the man in the house because you couldn’t do it?? How many times I watched Mom and Corinne cry? How many times I had to stay strong for them? No, you don’t, because you were never around! All you wanted was Heather and congratulations, you got her, and soon you’ll be getting two new children. But I hope trading your family for her was worth it. What a f..cking father you are,” Shane grabbed his phone from his father’s hand and stormed upstairs.
           It took everything in Shane not to cry. Finally letting his feelings out that he had been holding in since the divorce felt so good, but it’s not like it solved anything. He wanted to cry, he really did. But the tears just wouldn’t come out. He unlocked his phone and the twitter picture had appeared back on the screen.
           Two girls stood in the center giving the drunk white girl face, but Shane wasn’t even paying attention to them. He saw in the background on the right side of the picture, a gorgeous girl with blonde hair in light wash Hollister jeans and a tight black tank top being led away by Hunter Sullivan, the linebacker on the team who Shane thought was his friend, as the girl looked over her shoulder and smiled straight at the camera, as if to say, ‘look who’s having fun without you.’
           And that’s all it took for the built up tears to start pouring.

Note: poor shane :(


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